Books about space and time travel

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books about space and time travel

Time Travel Books

Time travel is the concept of moving between different points in time in a manner analogous to moving between different points in space. Time travel could hypothetically involve moving backward in time to a moment earlier than the starting point, or forward to the future of that point without the need for the traveler to experience the intervening period (at least not at the normal rate). Time travel can form the central theme of a book or it can simply be a plot device to drive a story. Time travel in fiction can ignore the possible effects of the time travelers actions or it can explote its repercussions (ie: paradoxes).
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The Best Sci Fi Books

Time: the final frontier These are some of the voyages of storytellers through the mysteries of time and how to break through its apparently-rigid barriers and break its, apparently equally rigid, rules. Thing is, we're all traveling through time together—forward. Not all quite at the same subjective rate, of course, because there are teeny-tiny relativistic effects at work, which have to do with our relative motions. Come to think about it, your very own bodies are subject to that. The hands of a boxer throwing lightning-fast punches actually move slower through time than the rest of his body, and when he pulls them back again, they've actually aged less than the rest of him.

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T ime imprisons us. - I also watched way too many Star Trek episodes where time travel was used as a fix-it for almost any situation, like some temporal Gorilla Glue. Fortunately, the books below deal with time travel in intelligent or just fun ways, introduce cool ideas, and are generally excellent stories that are very well written.

If you could travel through time and go to any year or anywhere , where would you go? Here at Epic Reads, we know it would be much too hard to narrow it down to just one location in both time and place! While we look forward to the day time travel becomes available by writing our ever-growing list of dream destinations, we fortunately already have an ever-growing wishlist of time travel books on our TBR! Modern-day New York City, nineteenth-century Hawaii, other lands seen only in myth and legend—Nix has been to them all. But when her father gambles with her very existence, it all may be about to end. Rae Carson meets Outlander in this epic debut fantasy.


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    12 Time Travel Books That'll Make You Wish You Had a Time Machine . they will encounter on their heart-stopping journey through space?.

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