Interesting facts about my family

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interesting facts about my family

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Published 29.12.2018

20 Facts You Didn't Know About Modern Family

15 things about your family that make you smile

Home My favourite interesting facts My hometown Family tree. Where we live I was born in Graz on the 4th March. My family, including my parents, my brother Felix and me, lives in a big house in the sub boroughs of the city. It is very calm there, and we have a thick bond with our neighbours. In our garden we have two rabbits, a cat and six chickens and a rooster.

A family is the most precious blessing of God, It is a circle of strength and love with every birth and union it grows. Difficulties faced together makes the bond stronger. It is like a movie there are some romantic, happy, hardships or emotional scenes but the ending is always beautiful. Family perceives love and love needs pampering: so you thought clicking on the epic and the most hearten moments of your family within yourself but no my friend these are the moments to be framed to be worshipped by you especially being lucky to have a family which some just admires it's your time to make your family go out and encounter the most desirable moments with the world and to see that a family is the only place where your safety and your doubts are being sought out and later on this time won't knock your door these events won't come every year your magnet is your family let it pull others as well. Never skip the play of your life: oh yes we have the funny aunt the most beautiful maternal aunt and the rowdiest brother or any other.

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Simple, silly, and meaningful ways families across the country make everyday extra-special. The days are long, but the years are short. That's the carpe diem sentiment we heard from families when we asked them to weigh in with favorite ideas for packing family life full of as much joy as possible. From hundreds of responses, we selected the best and organized them into seven categories. As you'll see, the ideas are simple Make a list of activities!


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