Quotes about long time relationship

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quotes about long time relationship

Long Term Relationships Quotes (44 quotes)

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Published 29.12.2018

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These 50 relationship quotes are exactly that. “Have enough courage to trust love one more time and always one more time.” the 50 best.

70 Relationship Quotes Celebrating Real Love

Sign in with Facebook Sign in options. Join Goodreads. Quotes tagged as "long-term-relationships" Showing of Forster, Maurice. You fall in love with qualities you want in partner, not necessarily qualities your partner actually has.

Relationships take hard work. If you want to make an important relationship last, then you have to put in constant effort. There will undoubtedly be hard times when it comes to your relationship. But one of the biggest ways to know if it is going to last is how you deal with these hard times. Do you ever get into a fight with your significant other and stop talking to each other until one of you decides to apologize? This is a great example of knowing if there will be a future for your relationship. A commitment that will LAST.

The ones that last and that make us wonder why we stopped and took notice, are because there is something about them that resonates and rings true to our core. These quotes about relationships have significance because they relate to us on a personal, deeper level.
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Bad Relationship Quotes that are Painfully True

Relationships are like the tides: they ebb and flow. - If all that kissing has left you tongue tied, these relationship quotes are all you need to have your moment.

Keep reading to see our inspirational quotes about bad relationships to hopefully inspire you to break free of yours. Reading these motivational words could be the crucial first step you need to take to make a change in a more positive direction. Often, we needed the right inspiration, support, or that little push, to help us close that chapter. It can help to read the words of others who have been in similar situations before us, or to know that these feelings will pass. Perhaps the most meaningful is to see others who have successfully moved on and been the better for it. So you keep the wonderful memories , but find yourself moving on.

So why is it sometimes so hard to stay together? You giggle with them all night long, they know exactly what you need on a bad day, and they are the ONLY person who gets your weird sense of humor. There will be fighting, days when you feel alone when it seems like your partner is NEVER listening to you. You would rather leave but you choose to stay in the relationship. And you work it out because your love for them is stronger than any adversity you could ever come across. Can you even imagine life without them? Despite the hiccups and road bumps, you still look to them in any situation, good or bad.


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    44 quotes have been tagged as long-term-relationships: E.M. Forster: 'Maurice and Alec still roam the greenwood.', G.R. Richards: 'In the beginning of a.

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    Long Term Relationships Quotes (44 quotes)

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