Baseball player standing on bucket

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baseball player standing on bucket

The Soul of Baseball: A Road Trip Through Buck ONeils America by Joe Posnanski

When Legendary Negro League player Buck ONeil asked sports columnist Joe Posnanski how he fell in love with baseball, Posnanski had to think about it. From that question was born the idea behind BASEBALL AND JAZZ. Posnanski and the 94 year old ONeil decided to spend the 2005 baseball season touring the country in hopes of stirring up the love that first drew them to the game. This book is just as much the story of Buck ONeil as it is the story of baseball. In a time when disillusioned, steroid–shooting, money hungry athletes define the sport, Buck ONeil stands out as a man that truly played for the love of the game. Posnanski writes about that love and the one thing that ONeil loved almost as much as baseball: jazz. BASEBALL AND JAZZ is an endearing step back in time to the days when the crack of a bat and the smoky notes of a midnight jam session were the sounds that brought the most joy to a mans heart.
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Stepping In The Bucket Cure: Baseball Hitting Drill

The True Story of Tim Fortugno, the Man Once Traded for a Bucket of Baseballs

By Kevin F. October 16, pm Updated December 13, am. Enough with whether the Yankees can come back, or if the Cubs have another World Series in them. The real question this baseball playoff season for viewers is: Why is it still OK for players to spit constantly? In a highly unscientific viewing survey by this fan, players, coaches and managers spit an average of once every 30 seconds. Clearly this disgusting custom goes back to the days of chewing tobacco, when the best mouths of a generation were destroyed by chew and pouches.

Bucket Ball is a fun fielding drill that not only gives the kidsa lot of practice catching ground balls, but also keeps theminterested and motivated. Place one bucket on the ground a couple of feet down the firstbase line from home plate, and the other down the third baseline. We sometimes have it so the person with the most thrown in thebucket gets to hit first in practice. You can think up otherways of rewarding the most catches or throws. It's a bit harder to get the balls in the bucket than you mightimagine. The kids have a lot of fun cheering each other on andthey learn focus on catching the ball and throwing at a target.

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MLB - Into the Dugout

Perfect for live-arm batting Bucket Plus. A portable stand used to elevate your bucket of balls. Saves you the constant bending over. Easy to use—just place your bucket of balls in it and you're ready to go. Use with or without


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    For fans of L.A. Dodgers player Kike Hernandez, this viral photo picked A baseball player stood on a bucket — and sparked an online debate.

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    Baseball Hitting: Fear of Being Hit

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