Harbor freight planer blade sharpener

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harbor freight planer blade sharpener

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Published 30.12.2018

Harbor Freight Circular Saw Blade Sharpener Review and Modifications. Item 96687

Planer Blade Sharpening

Advanced Forum Search. It is currently Thu Sep 26, am. It is safe to assume it needs sharpening and setting. I have neither the little gauge tool nor a dial indicator. A cheap dial indicator and stand is a bit more but would get much broader use.

Simply use one hand to stroke the cutting tool's blunt edge into the proper slot until you get the desired results while holding the safe-grip handle with the other hand. At Kiko Fit, we take your protection so seriously that we also provided a finger guard shield for a maximum-efficiency, risk-free cooking experience. It features a tungsten slot designed to smooth out all imperfections and indentations, straightening the blade and a ceramic slot for fine polishing. Get surgical-blade sharpness with the two functional slots for coarse and fine honing. This incredibly versatile manual device will become indispensable to you and it will be the perfect gift for all your friends, even your picky expert chef neighbour.

On my new planer I have about 70 longboards down. It seems the blades are really dull already. Its blowing out the foam unless I creep along. Seems to me it should at least be plus boards before a blade sharpening, right? Austin S. Blade longevity will depend on a lot of things I don't count the boards, but the blades on my not-quite-a-Makita Chinese made, visually identical dulls before 70 boards, guarantee you that.

These high quality planer blades are designed for use with the /4 in. electric planer. These heat treated high speed steel planer blades replace damaged or.
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Hi, Guest Login Register. I saw the saw sharpener just introduced by Harbor Freight the other week, cheap and I'm tired of paying through the nose for blades that come back from the shop sharp but that last about half as long as new ones, I'm also tired of buying new blades well, my wallet is. Ok, it's cheap, nasty, Chinese technology you'd think I'd have learned by now but as far as my research has gone, the alternatives good US built tools for the same job are in the thousands not practical, this is the only option. So I brought one, played with it the other evening, not impressed, I neatly trimmed all the teeth as per the truly lousy instructions, put it on the saw, nope, no better than when I started. Tried the other wheel that comes with it with the same results Then I did some more research, found some machinist board where some guy loved this thing, he posted a tutorial with pictures showing his setup, first thing I see is that he left the cap off the cover of the grinding wheel that's the only way you can get the whole tooth front to touch the wheel stupid!




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