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information about einstein in english

Albert Einstein Quotes (Author of Relativity)

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Albert Einstein Biography in English

Albert Einstein (14 March –18 April ) was a German-born scientist. .. to predict anything, if we had the correct theory and enough information.

Albert Einstein born

Albert Einstein 14 March —18 April was a German-born scientist. He worked on theoretical physics. Before his job, Einstein did not think Galileo Galilei 's idea of Galilean invariance was not completely correct. Between he developed the special theory of relativity to correct that. Einstein also thought that Isaac Newton 's idea of gravity was not completely correct. So, he extended his ideas on special relativity to include gravity.

He became a Swiss citizen and in was awarded a Ph. This work would later earn him the Nobel Prize in Physics. In the second paper, he devised a new method of counting and determining the size of the atoms and molecules in a given space, and in the third he offered a mathematical explanation for the constant erratic movement of particles suspended in a fluid, known as Brownian motion. These two papers provided indisputable evidence of the existence of atoms, which at the time was still disputed by a few scientists. In special relativity, time and space are not absolute, but relative to the motion of the observer. Thus, two observers traveling at great speeds in regard to each other would not necessarily observe simultaneous events in time at the same moment, nor necessarily agree in their measurements of space.

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Einstein is generally considered the most influential physicist of the 20th century. - The German-born physicist Albert Einstein developed the first of his groundbreaking theories while working as a clerk in the Swiss patent office in Bern.

Near the beginning of his career, Einstein thought that Newtonian mechanics was no longer enough to reconcile the laws of classical mechanics with the laws of the electromagnetic field. This led him to develop his special theory of relativity during his time at the Swiss Patent Office in Bern — However, he realized that the principle of relativity could also be extended to gravitational fields, and he published a paper on general relativity in with his theory of gravitation. He continued to deal with problems of statistical mechanics and quantum theory, which led to his explanations of particle theory and the motion of molecules. He also investigated the thermal properties of light which laid the foundation of the photon theory of light. In , he applied the general theory of relativity to model the structure of the universe. After being stateless for more than five years, he acquired Swiss citizenship in , which he kept for the rest of his life.


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