Philip k dick time out of joint

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philip k dick time out of joint

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Published 30.12.2018

Time Out of Joint - Philip K. Dick

Four Levels of Reality in Philip K. Dick’s Time Out of Joint

Dick reprints in the SF Masterworks series. It is an early Dick novel, probably his first important one and was written in during the period in which he attempted to break into the mainstream market. Though this attempt was unsuccessful and most of his mainstream novels were only published posthumously, it obviously informed Time Out Of Joint. It initially seems to be a novel of social manners set in 50s suburban America. In a leisurely opening that reflects the pace of the novel as a whole, we are introduced to grocer Vic, his wife Margo, her brother Ragle and their aspirational neighbours, the Blacks. All are sketched with impressive economy before the book settles in on its protagonist, Ragle Gumm.

Thanks to Frank Bertrand and Yves Potin for contibuting this article to philipdick. Four Levels of Reality in Philip K. Thanks to Frank Bertrand and Yves Potin for contibuting this essay and to Yves for the new introduction. Dick when I was a teenager, in the seventies, and found his novel Ubik very impressive. As a student, I remember one night in the eighties, when reading The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch feeling a need to go out in the street to be sure that things around me were really there.

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"Time Out of Joint" - Philip K Dick

But more on that later. Time Out of Joint is a classic tale of paranoia, set in suburban fifties America. The book features a strong and small cast of main characters. Vic Nielson works in a grocery store, while his wife Margo stays at home and looks after their son Sammy. Living next door is Bill and Junie Black, the former of whom might be more than a city worker, the latter a potential adulterer. There are other characters, but these are the most important ones. Here is a strength of Time Out of Joint : in focusing on these two households, PKD not only sketches a picture of fifties America that has stood the test of time, but also exposes the dark side of suburbia decades before such a line of thinking became a cliche in its own right.


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