Only way out is through

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only way out is through

Quote by Riley Sager: “Sometimes the only way out is through.”

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Published 30.12.2018

NIN: "The Way Out Is Through" live from on stage in Holmdel, NJ 6.06.09 [HD 1080p]

You just have to gut through it. And what you learn when you do this is that often—not always but often—the best experiences are right on the other side of this decision. Yesterday, I was working out and was miserable.

“Sometimes the only way out is through.”

Imagine the process of writing a story as being a journey. Perhaps as you embark on your adventure, you have a map — an outline or beat sheet. Your characters feel remote and confusing. Your map or instincts become a labyrinth. It still exists.


We must go through the pain to get to the other side of it. - It is often said that it is the most challenging life experiences that plant the seeds for the most profound growth. When we are struggling to find meaning in our losses, it is then that we reconsider our lives very deeply, ask fundamental questions about our beliefs, and quite often, uncover what is — and always has been — most important to us.

More often than not, people do not feel comfortable sharing their problems with other people. The fear of being ridiculed or invalidated leaves us struggling against the urge to voice our dilemmas to the people in our lives, and this constant fight against ourselves only adds to the worries that we are already wrestling with. Take a deep breath and say how you feel out loud, whether it is to someone you trust or to your own reflection in the mirror; voicing your problems verbally allows you to assess them practically without the emotional anxiety that causes you to amplify the extent of your dilemmas. Whether you are struggling with memories of your past, circumstances of your present, or fear for your future, your feelings are valid solely because you are feeling them. Do not look for validation from others, but rather seek your own perspective without the emotional bias that clouds your judgment.

Strength is persistence. Strong means that even at moments of shame and discomfort, whether it is at work or in your personal life, you are focused not on yourself, but on solving the problem. You maintain your composure, and keep going. It is staying in the trenches when you are under fire. Do you know who your enemy is? Do not give up. The only way out is through.



  1. Janine P. says:

    The meaning is that if you are having to struggle through something difficult, such as a marsh, a bog, or a sandbar with the tide coming in, going.

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