Largest animal on earth in history

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largest animal on earth in history

Wild Blue: A Natural History of the Worlds Largest Animal by Dan Bortolotti

A densely-packed, dizzyingly-paced account of all things pertaining to the blue whale. Bortolotti negelects nothing: geography, taxonomy, conservation, genetics and especially size are all packed into one brisk volume. Its not always enthralling, but Bortolotti is genuinely interested in and concerned for his subject. He ends with an unequivocal call for the abolishment of blue whale-hunting, much more radical than most mainstream books on this topic, which was an especial pleasure to see. The book drags at times, but if youre interested in this particular subject, Id be hard put to recommend a better one.
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At 30 metres (98 ft) in length and metric tons ( short tons) or more in weight, it is the largest known animal to have ever existed.
Dan Bortolotti


Snakes can be very long, and so can blue whales, but they may not be the longest of all. Humans can be tall or short, narrow or wide, but we don't tend to talk about how long our bodies are. And in any discussion of long animals, there are obvious leaders: snakes, the longest animals on land. In April , construction workers building a motorway in Penang, Malaysia claimed to have discovered a reticulated python Python reticulatus that was 26ft 3in 8m long. However, that figure was reduced to 24ft 7in 7. Worse still, the snake reportedly died after it was captured so we will never know what size it could have grown to. She is 25ft 7.

All rights reserved. A newly named species of sauropod is not only the largest known dinosaur, it now also holds the record as the largest animal that has ever walked on land. That's the conclusion of the first scientific description of an especially large titanosaur, which lumbered across what is now Argentina during the Cretaceous. Dubbed Patagotitan mayorum, the long-necked behemoth lived about million years ago and was likely more than feet long and weighed 69 tons, or about the same as 12 African elephants the current largest land dweller. The team spent over a year painstakingly excavating the fossil. Kenneth Lacovara , a paleontologist at Rowan University and the discoverer of Dreadnoughtus, commiserates with this task.

Our world is full of creatures big and small, short and tall. Below the Sifter looks at 15 of the largest animals in the world, classified by various categories such as mammals, reptiles, birds, amphibians etc. The blue whale Balaenoptera musculus is a marine mammal belonging to the suborder of baleen whales. At 30 metres 98 ft in length and metric tons short tons or more in weight, it is the largest known animal to have ever existed. Not only is the heart similar size to a mini-cooper car but also comparable in weight. The Blue Whale is thought to feed almost exclusively on small, shrimp-like creatures called Krill. During the summer feeding season the Blue Whale gorges itself, consuming an astounding 3.

According to Guinness World Records, the longest reticulated python in captivity is As the biggest animal ever to have lived, the blue whale.
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By considerable measure, the largest known animal on Earth is the blue whale. Mature blue whales can measure anywhere from 75 feet 23 m to feet That's as long as an 8- to story building and as heavy as about adult male giraffes! These days, most adult blue whales are only 75 to 80 feet long; whalers hunted down most of the super giants. Female blue whales generally weigh more than the males.


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    Blue whales, which can grow to around feet in length, are often touted as the largest animals to have ever existed on earth.

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    A member of the infraorder Cetacea, the blue whale (Balaenoptera musculus), is thought to be the largest animal ever to have lived.

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    By considerable measure, the largest known animal on Earth is the blue whale. Mature blue whales can measure anywhere from 75 feet (23 m) to feet ( .

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    What is the biggest animal ever to exist on Earth? | HowStuffWorks

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