50 places of a lifetime

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50 places of a lifetime

Once in a Lifetime Trips: The Worlds 50 Most Extraordinary and Memorable Travel Experiences by Chris Santella

Fly-fish in the virgin waters of the Chilean fjords, arriving by helicopter; navigate Alaska on a boat as luxurious as a four-star hotel but small enough to sail where the big cruise ships can’t; embark on a private-jet tour to the great opera houses in Europe with behind-the-scenes passes: experience the classic links of the British Open. Once in a Lifetime Trips is a trove of ideas for travels that are unique, decadent, and off the beaten path.

Each trip is captured through stunning photography and an essay based on in-depth interviews with experts who have firsthand knowledge of the destination and itinerary. Once in a Lifetime Trips goes way beyond what a standard guide offers: these trips are intended to be distinctive events that you will remember for the rest of your life. Chris Santella distills each experience and describes just what makes it extraordinary–whether it’s the culture of the place, a venue’s incredible isolation, or the unique amenities available to the traveler. Organized by destination–on the ocean, on an island, in the jungle, in the mountains and the desert, in the country, in the city, in the sky–Once in a Lifetime Trips is as much a vicarious and thrilling reading experience as it is a source of ideas and inspiration for anyone in search of a remarkable journey.
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50 Most Beautiful Places in The World

The best and most universal piece of advice you can give someone is to see as much of the world as they can.
Chris Santella

50 places everyone should visit in their lifetime

Being a fan of both travel and maps, it's no surprise that I like many things from National Geographic. Their latest endeavor is an iPad app, telling and showing us 50 different places around the world that would be good to visit. You start on the cover, then swipe to get to the table of contents. The app breaks the destinations into five sections such as "Urban Spaces" and "Paradise Found," with ten locations in each section. The app includes interactive elements for many of the destinations, including photo galleries and video footage. There is also has a user's guide, which is useful to those new to iPad magazine interfaces. Swipe left to turn pages, swipe down to read more about each place.

What's on your travel bucket list? El Badi Palace in the Marrakesh medina. Dubai, U. How do overwater bungalows and underwater adventures sound to you? With charming upstate scenery, world-class cuisine and culture and more things to do than you could fit in one lifetime. Carlton hill in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Our November/December issue is a special collector's edition, “50 Places of a Lifetime,” and it's heading to a mailbox or newsstand near you.
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There are so many incredible places to visit around the world. So this one has instant appeal for me and for just about anyone with even the mildest of interest in travel. Navigating within the app is pretty standard. Swipe left and right to move through articles and sections, swipe up and down to move within a single article. Tap once on the screen to see buttons to return to the home page, switch to Contents view, show contents in a popover left sidebar, and pop up the scrubber bar to scroll through page thumbnails rapidly. For each of the 50 places there are featured photographs, and an essay about the place from some very notable writers and experts. Many of the destinations also have an extra photos gallery, a slideshow, and some also offer Wide View panoramic images.


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