When emotional pain becomes unbearable

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when emotional pain becomes unbearable

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Published 30.12.2018

Letting Go of the Emotional Pain - Hypnotherapy Session

To one who has not experienced the torment of a clinical depression, it is hard to put this pain into words.

Why we need to take emotional pain as seriously as physical pain

What happens when it hurts too much to live? Can it really be too painful to live one more moment with emptiness, depression , and despair? Yes, for some people suicide seems like the only way out. Not every person who contemplates killing themselves is truly interested in ending their time on earth. If they could just escape it, maybe they still could go on somehow. Not right now, but after a while.


If you or someone you know may be considering suicide, get help now. Some of this is due to genetically influenced brain chemistry and resilience, but much of it is due to how much trauma and emotional hurt, loss, injustice, abuse, and other painful experiences people have experienced. We have beta endorphins in our brains to numb pain and create euphoria, so we can handle both physical and emotional pain. But people are born with varying amounts and life events can influence our supply as well. For people with very little of this chemical, life is much more painful. When people are in intense unrelenting physical or emotional pain, they can want to die to end the pain.

While I would never wish pain on anyone, it is, unfortunately, universal. Every single one of us will experience pain at some point in our lives. However, over the past two years, I have also learned so much about myself through my pain. And these lessons are important. Some days I have to remind myself of these lessons things over and over, while other days I believe them with ease. Here are 5 powerful facts to remember when the pain feels like too much. I want every single one of you to remember that these statements are true for all of you.


  1. Lucas H. says:

    1. Be present with your feelings.

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