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games like feral heart 2018

Feral Nights (Feral, #1) by Cynthia Leitich Smith

When Yoshi, a sexy, free-spirited werecat, tracks his big sister, Ruby, to Austin, he discovers that shes not only MIA; shes also the key suspect in a murder investigation. Meanwhile, sarcastic werepossum Clyde and his human pal Aimee have set out to do a little detective work of their own, sworn to avenge the brutal killing of a friend.

When all three are snared in an underground kidnapping ring, they end up on a remote tropical island ruled by an unusual (even by shape-shifter standards) species. The island harbors a grim secret, and were-predator and were-prey must join forces in a fight to escape alive.

Fans of best-selling author Cynthia Leitich Smiths Tantalize quartet will thrill to see favorite sidekick characters—together with all-new ones—take the fore in this wry, high-action entry in an exciting new series.
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Feral Heart Alternatives

I help u with ur Feral Heart issues x3. Jun 13, 3 min read. See More by Flippyisadorable. Nov 26, The Trading Post. Jul 13, Now that the Trading Post has been operating for exactly a month, we'll be making some changes in response to some problems that have arisen since it's introductions.

They officially replace the game with FeralHeart. It is an animal based game which can be played by using your browser online. The game is simple, you just required to first create your character and start exploring FeralHeart in 3D gaming world.
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Feral Heart allows the player to take on the role of a king of the jungle. At the beginning of the game, the player can take create his own character and get into the game world, where he is able to freely move in the stunning game world, explore different locations, interact with the other online player and enjoy the game together. Feral Heart offers Ultra-HD visuals, engaging gameplay, superb game setting and objective storyline. The game allows the player to explore the different locations and play various cool games with the other online players. It offers an economy system that allows the player to earn Rox and XP points by winning different games. Moshi Monsters includes core features such as Communication option, Upgrades, Social Networking and Customization etc. It allows the player to create his own Fairy and Sparrow man and enjoy being part of the unique magical world.


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