Polymer clay color mixing recipes

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polymer clay color mixing recipes

Making Miniature Villages in Polymer Clay by Gail Ritchey

Combine the charm of miniature houses with the easy-to-use medium of polymer clay, and youve got a fun hobby everyone can enjoy! This book contains 12 delightful, hand-sized projects, starting with simple cottages and progressing to elaborate manors, a church, a grocery store and more. To help ensure great results, each project follows the same basic sequence of assemblage and includes detailed step-by-step illustrations, patterns, color-mixing recipes, and a photo of the finished house. Readers will also learn how to detail their villages with trees, flowers, fences, walkways and other special touches. Includes suggestions to help readers create their own, unique variations-even miniatures of their own homes!
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Starting out with polymer clay - Mixing colors

Unfortunately I can no longer afford to support this app. It has become too much of a financial and time burden to maintain.
Gail Ritchey

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FIMO Professional clay can be used to make all kinds of unique jewellery creations. To help you craft them just as you imagined, we want to show you how you can mix virtually any colour you desire. Using the FIMO colour wheel, you can create colours from just five primary colour clays. The FIMO true colours are; yellow, magenta, green, blue and red. Each one of the true colour clays contains one pure pigment which means that your combined clays will produce brilliant and bright colours.

The recipes for mixing Zinc Yellow and Cobalt blue, as promised, have yet to appear on their web site. In the meantime many artists, myself included, have been experimenting with the new Polyform colors and exploring the currently available primaries offered by FIMO, Pardo, Kato Clay and Cernit- will keep you posted. This spring I was designing a project where I normally would have used fluorescent pink to pump up the red in the Skinner blend and since I usually would have added white to the mixture Candy pink was an acceptable substitute. For those of us that mix our own colors and teach about color using polymer clay…. Note: For the time being the remaining stock of those two colors is available from Polymer Clay Express. A more complete workshop description may be found here along with the supply list. Registration details are here.

Mar 27, Explore phoenyxashe's board "Polymer Clay - Color Recipes", This handy Vintaj Patina Color Mixing Chart is a quick & easy way for you to.
i think you mastered the art of sublime

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I mean Purple Pearl and Latte produced a deep gold color! Latte is a color super hero like Robin Egg and Pistachio — it more than holds its own against the darker colors. And as always, I love the shimmer that the mica produces as its spread across the Souffle. Its like a warm palette with a dash of cool in it for those of us who love warm colors but like a little surprise in there. Sort of a wine palette with the gold hint from the label. The subtle shimmer from the BGP is amazing in real life!

This gallery is set up to show you how to blend basic colors of polymer clay into realistic colors for the many polymer clay miniatures and dolls house miniature projects on this site. Some ranges of polymer clay have limited numbers of realistic colors for creating dolls house and scale miniatures. With a bit of practice in color blending, you can learn to make your own mixes for creating miniature food and household objects, as well as figures, dolls, clothing and a limitless range of other items. You can choose to start with the basic blends to build a palette of colors from 4 to five basic colors or pick a specific material or color blend from the list below. As the list of polymer clay projects on the site builds, so will this list of color blends.

In my opinion, Sculpey III is actually not the best polymer clay for beginners to start out with. The soft and sticky nature of this product can make it more difficult to control, especially with anything sculptural. Plus it can get brittle in the oven during the baking process. Now as most of you probably know, I publish weekly color recipe cards. Most all of them to date have been based on the Premo Sculpey product.


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    One of the pleasures of working with Kato Polyclay is user-friendly and intuitive custom color mixing since the Spectral Colors are very evenly spaced around the color wheel.

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    Polymer Clay Cyclopedia - Color Recipes

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