Legion of superheroes 12 pack

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legion of superheroes 12 pack

Legion of Super-Heroes Archives, Vol. 2 by Jerry Siegel

In the second volume of the Legion of Super-Heroes Archives, writer Ed Hamilton introduces, over just twelve issues, so many concepts that became the bedrock of the Legion for years to come. The density of ideas is amazing, compared with modern comics. One issue alone might give the reader ten separate, new concepts. Hamiltons imagination was really something, but not surprising considering his early days as a writer of pulp sci-fi stories.

One of the most enduring ideas was the introduction of the Legion of Substitute Heroes, a group of rejected applicants to the Legion who formed their own Legion, with the purpose of taking the Legions place on earth when the LSH was off world. Operating in secret at first, eventually they came to the attention of the main Legion, proving that the Subs were not mere rejects, but strong heroes in their own right. The Subs continued to be constant presence in the Legion books for many years afterward, with a few of them eventually becoming members of the main Legion.

Hamilton also began planting the seeds of future Legion romances: Lightning Lad/Saturn Girl, Phantom Girl/Ultra Boy, Cosmic Boy/Night Girl, and Star Boy/Dream Girl. Fortunately, mostly these are not super sappy, but fairly natural developments. This volume also saw the introduction of Lightning Lass, sister of Lightning Lad, who is dead at the beginning of the book but is brought back to life later on; the loss of Lightning Lasss powers and her gaining of the power of making things super-light; the introduction of Dream Girl and her sultriness and the jealousy of the other female Legionnaires; new Legionnaire Element Lad; the first mention of the Time Trapper (whos not seen). So many ideas that were cornerstones for the Legion going forward.

Hamilton tended to use only a few Legionnaires at a time, a core group of Saturn Girl, Bouncing Boy, Mon-El, Cosmic Boy, and Sun Boy. Few of the female members other than Saturn Girl have much to do here, and even when they do appear, they dont participate much in the adventure. Matter-Eater Lad and Star Boy only show up in the last story, and Colossal Boy is also underused. Its like he didnt know how to write stories that used more than just five or six Legionnaires, and this is unfortunate, because there was such a wide depth of possibilities here.

Artist John Forte draws most of these stories, and his static style has a lot of fans, but not me. I have to say, though, because of his long association with the Legion, he helped give the Legion a certain style that later artists like Curt Swan adopted and incorporated into their own vision of the 30th century. Forte had his era just like Swan, Dave Cockrum, Mike Grell, Kieth Giffen, Steve Lightle, and Greg LaRoque would have later on. So I give the man great respect for that.

I like this time of the Legion, and I can imagine that someone reading this series when they first came out in the early 1960s would have been excited just because anything seemed to happen, and each story brought something new. Although I dont think current comics would be so well served by most of the early stylistic hindrances of comics during the Silver Age, the current crop of comics writers could take some great lessons from these writers, who certainly knew how to pack a lot of story into just 12 pages.

There are 13 volumes of the Legion archives, so Ill be looking forward to continuing this journey through the Silver Age Legion.
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DC Universe Legion of Superheroes 12-Pack Review (PART2) by Scotty Cash

Back in July at San Diego Comic-Con, we got a first look at the Legion of Super- Heroes Pack at the Mattel hamiltonellis.com just came out that this pac.
Jerry Siegel

Legion Of Superheroes Action Figures 12 Pack

To help ease the burden of reviewing a twelve-pack, Vault and I have split the review duties. In some ways, you could be considered an avid DC reader and still read next to nothing about the Legion. To others, the Legion is one of the coolest parts of the DCU. I fall somewhere in between. The Legion originally appeared as Superboy supporting characters in the late 50s before gaining enough acclaim to receive their own feature. Some new angles were tried, but eventually discarded in favor of the reboots. The Legion presented in this set is the original version, though a little later in their history.

Word just came out that this pack will go on sale Monday, October 17, at 9 a. If you want a closer look, check out our Mattel booth tour from San Diego. The Legion comes on from - Something like this is bound to sell out. You might wonder why I'm giving all of you this heads up and run the risk of it selling out before I can buy one. The fact is, I'm a really nice guy.

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DC Universe Classics Jonah Hex. Legion of Super Heroes: Invisible Kid Action Figure by DC Comics. Arguably the most eagerly awaited DC Universe multipack, this Legion of Super Heroes set features a dramatic dozen of your favorite characters in 6 scale.
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Mark your calendar and start saving your pennies because Mattel has just announced the big Legion of Super-heroes pack goes on sale October 17, The MattyCollector. Stephen Schleicher began his career writing for the Digital Media Online community of sites, including Digital Producer and Creative Mac covering all aspects of the digital content creation industry. He then moved on to consumer technology, and began the Coolness Roundup podcast. Still longing for the good ol' days, Stephen launched Major Spoilers in July , because he is a glutton for punishment. You can follow him on Twitter MajorSpoilers and tell him your darkest secrets

Matty posted an update on their web site today stating that the Legion of Super Heroes boxed set will once again be available for online purchase on December In addition, Wave 19 figures along with some JLU 3-packs will also be available. Be here on Thursday, December 15th at 9 a. Shipping costs, taxes and fees are additional. Your card will be charged 5 calendar days before the on-sale date, so plan to have funds available by Saturday, December 10, Subscription orders will begin shipping 2 business days before the on-sale date, which is Tuesday, December 13,


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