I wish someone would kill me

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i wish someone would kill me

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Published 31.12.2018

Alec Benjamin ~ If I Killed Someone For You (Lyrics)

Wish someone would kill me

When I was 24, I very nearly killed myself. I was living in Ibiza at the time, in a very nice villa, on the quiet east coast of the island. The villa was right next to a cliff. In the midst of depression, I walked out to the edge of the cliff and looked at the sea and at the rugged limestone coastline, dotted with deserted beaches. I was too busy trying to summon the courage needed to throw myself over the edge. Instead, I walked back inside and threw up from the stress of it. Three more years of depression followed.

Find help or get online counseling now. Posted by iwishiwasdead. I'm sixteen. I've been depressed and suicidal for about two years now. Apparently I have something wrong with me.

Editor's note: This story was originally published on July 13, If you or someone you know needs help, please contact the National Suicide Prevention hotline at , anytime. It happened on a brutally hot night, in July, in Charleston, South Carolina. Janis had attended the College of Charleston for her freshman year, and decided to stay there in an apartment off campus, rather than come home to Myrtle Beach for the summer. She went into a closet, attached a leather belt to a hanger rod, and then secured it around her neck.

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Seventeen years ago I wanted to kill myself and no one knew it. On the outside, everything seemed perfect. Even those closest to me thought it was. Based on the outward appearance, I should have been happy. According to research and surveys, there are a lot of people who have a story much like mine.


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    use of the information and resources on this website. Anyone who is suicidal should call now and receive help from trained mental heath professionals.

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