When little people are overwhelmed

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when little people are overwhelmed

Quote by L.R. Knost: “When little people are overwhelmed by big emoti...”

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Published 31.12.2018

Little People Aren't An Attraction - Our Little Family

L.R. Knost — 'When little people are overwhelmed by big emotions, it's our job to share our calm, not join their chaos.'.

The Science of Toddler Behaviour

I'd been up late writing a couple of columns for Inc. When I was finally ready to turn in, the baby woke up. I barely slept. At the office, I had to give a big presentation--it went well, but I barely had time to breathe afterward. My solution?

Inside: 10 Phrases to use when your child is upset to coach them through the big and difficult emotions and to teach them emotion regulation strategies they will use their whole life. Like when his Dad left for a business trip and saying goodbye was unexpectedly really, really rough. That wave of emotion comes out of him and it catches me off guard. When our kids are upset, it can sometimes trigger us to be upset too and instead of responding to our kids, we react. It is also exactly at those moments when our children need us the most — to be able to lead them through the emotion , through the storm. To coach our child through their feelings, from experiencing those feelings to expressing them.

Recently, a friend of mine called with a spontaneous invitation to a holiday tea. It sounded fun, but…I hesitated to say yes. Emens herself was drowning in details when she decided to take a long, hard look at that frustrating load. As a law professor with a full-time job, as well as the mother of two young children, she began teasing apart the extraneous tasks that were consuming her, then interviewing other people about their experiences and strategies, and combing research for more insights. Her book, the result of that exploration, is a thorough and illuminating look at how such humdrum tasks take over our lives, how different people approach them, and how we can stop feeling so overwhelmed. Not everyone approaches admin the same way, and Emens identifies four personality types in this realm: Doers divided into the Super Doer and the Reluctant Doer and Non-Doers the Avoider and the Denier.

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    10 Emotion-Coaching Phrases to Use When Your Child is Upset

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