When was huey p long born

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when was huey p long born

Kingfish and His Realm: The Life and Times of Huey P. Long by William Ivy Hair

Born in rural Winn Parish, Louisiana, Huey P. Long grew up to become the most influential governor the state of Louisiana has ever known. Indeed, he commanded a power base that ultimately made him virtual dictator of his home state. The story of Longs remarkable life, from his turn-of-the-century upbringing to his death at the hands of an assassin in 1935, fascinates students of Louisiana politics still.

In The Kingfish and His Realm, William Ivy Hair carefully sets Long and his regime in the context of the history of Louisiana and the South. He provides both a new biography of Long and a thoroughgoing treatment of his social, political, and economic environment in light of the latest scholarship.

The result is a view of Huey Long that dispels many of the myths that have surrounded him and also challenges T. Harry Williams influential interpretation. Hair emphasizes Hueys darker side, portraying him as a gifted, charismatic leader who craved power above all else--the more of it the better.

From childhood, Long believed that he could become president of the United States, and almost all of his actions were taken with that goal in mind. By the early 1930s, he thought the presidency was within reach. The books detailed and convincing picture of Louisiana as an impoverished, underdeveloped state rife with complex social and class-based tensions goes far toward explaining how this ruthless, supremely energetic, power-hungry man was able to realize such grand political dreams at so young an age.

When the forty-two-year-old Long was gunned down on September 8, 1935, it ended his drive for the White House but not his influence in Louisiana. Even today, more than half a century after his death, when political pundits no longer speak in terms of Longs and anti-Longs, Huey remains a larger-than-life icon in the state--and the most controversial character in its colorful history. The Kingfish and His Realm may not end the controversy, but it does significantly enrich our understanding of Huey Long and his world.
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Huey Long: The Dictator of Louisiana

Huey P. Long Jr.

In spite of an impoverished background, young Long managed to obtain enough formal schooling to pass the bar examination in He was politically ambitious and won election to the state railroad commission at age In this post his calls for the equitable regulation of the state utility companies and his attacks on Standard Oil earned him widespread popularity. He ran for the Louisiana governorship in and was defeated, but in he won the governorship through the heavy support of the discontented rural districts. Always the champion of poor whites, he effected a free-textbook law, launched a massive and very useful program of road and bridge building, expanded state university facilities, and erected a state hospital where free treatment for all was intended. He was opposed to excessive privileges for the rich, and he financed his improvements with increased inheritance and income taxes as well as a severance tax on oil—earning him the bitter enmity of the wealthy and of the oil interests. Surrounding himself with gangsterlike bodyguards, he dictated outright to members of the legislature, using intimidation if necessary.

Immediately passes dozens of bills to build state infrastructure; in one of his first acts as governor, Long gives students free schoolbooks; opposition quickly forms over his legislative methods. Overcomes impeachment effort by opponents including Standard Oil after trying to enact a new tax of 5 cents per barrel on crude oil refined in Louisiana. Copyright WETA. All rights reserved. Huey Long is born into a middle-class family in north Louisiana.

Despite meager formal education, Long passed the state bar examination at age twenty-two and earned a laudable reputation with his legal defense of common folk. In he launched a political career that ultimately propelled him into the governorship. Long fashioned a powerful statewide political organization and embarked on a program laden with public works, popular reforms, and heavy elements of corruption. In Long became a US Senator and a major voice for the redistribution of wealth on the national scene. Long was born to Huey P. Long Sr.

His father was a poor farmer. Just before World War I, a populist movement grew in the area and Winn Parish became the stronghold of socialist sentiments.
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Huey Long was a fiery and charismatic Louisiana politician who moved up the ranks at a young age. Branded a demagogue and radical by his opponents, and known for turning his back on established processes to gain political victories, Long controlled a vast political machine in the name of courting working class and poor constituents. Long was born on August 30, , in rural north central Louisiana , the seventh child in his family. His hometown of Winnfield was in one of the poorest parishes in the state, but the Longs, farmers with livestock, were relatively well off. Long was known for his avid reading, photographic memory and an audacious personality with no inhibitions about offering his opinion. During high school, Long won a scholarship to Louisiana State University in a debate competition. His older brother George paid for attendance at Oklahoma Baptist University to become a preacher, but Long never registered.

From an early age, it was evident that Huey Long was a true original. A bright, inquisitive, and feisty child, he would grow to become the most famous — and audacious - public figure ever produced by the state of Louisiana. Huey Pierce Long, Jr. Standing on the steps of the courthouse before the sale, the farmer begged the crowd not to bid on his home, promising to pay the store if given enough time to harvest another crop. No one in the crowd offered a bid. I could not understand.

Huey Pierce Long Jr. August 30, — September 10, , nicknamed " The Kingfish ", was an American politician who served as the 40th governor of Louisiana from to and was a member of the United States Senate from until his assassination in As the political leader of Louisiana , he commanded wide networks of supporters and was willing to take forceful and dictatorial action. He established the long-term political dominance and dynasty of the Long family. During Long's years in power, large expansions were made in infrastructure, education and health care.


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