Quotes about art deco design

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quotes about art deco design

Art Deco Quotes (2 quotes)

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Published 21.12.2018

Art Deco Interior Design Quotes

Dark side of Art Deco

Quotes are a really great way of us simplifying a message down to its absolute core. Just like a nice simple piece of design, we boil a thought down to the basic essence of the message to help us remember it and help us spread it. Sadly, like a bad buzzword or piece of corporate jargon, it can lose all meaning as it gets bashed around and misinterpreted over and over again. Here are three commonly used quotes I believe we need to think about a little more. In the late eighteen hundreds, the USA became rich, and cheap steel made it possible to build much taller buildings. The American architect Louis Sulliva was one of the original designers of grand new building around New York and Chicago.

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Erte Extravagant Costume Designer

His Signature: Creating beautiful botanical prints for wallpapers and textiles. Morris is celebrated for reviving many of the traditional craft methods that diminished with industrialisation in the s. She is also famed for founding Ecart International, a platform for early 20th century designers, such as Jean-Michel Frank and Eileen Gray. Her Signature: Creating the antithesis of excess by avoiding decoration. Instead, the designer focused on space and light to achieve timelessly simple and elegant spaces. Best known for: Developing a new iconic style of housing in America and designing public buildings such as the Guggenheim Museum of modern and contemporary art in New York City.

Make sense of a disrupted world. Report a mispronounced word. The distinctive lines and geometric patterns of art deco are instantly recognisable the world over, from the Park Hotel in Shanghai to the Empire State Building in New York. Characterised by its use of luxurious materials, superb craftsmanship and simple shapes, art deco was born out of the rapid industrialisation of the interwar period. It celebrated the age of the machine and was assertively modern, replacing the curving organic shapes of art nouveau which preceded it. In the decade leading up to the first world war, life for many in Paris was good. Then war broke out.


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