Was oliver cromwell a hero or a villain

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was oliver cromwell a hero or a villain

Cromwell: Hero or Villain by Gordon Corrigan

Oliver Cromwell is one of the most divisive figures in British history. Called by some a rebel, regicide, religious bigot, dictator, despot, slaughterer of the innocent, Irish war criminal, usurper and hypocrite. By others, an upholder of the rule of law, catalyst of constitutional monarchy, proponent of freedom of conscience, founder of parliamentary democracy, pacifier of a turbulent people, saviour and hero, father of the modern British army.

Historian Gordon Corrigan takes a look at the complex political machinations that helped create Oliver Cromwell, a man responsible for the slaughter at Drogheda, but whose statue now stands outside the Houses of Parliament.

A short, concise, flawlessly researched biography, this sheds light on a man who is still, centuries after his death, still an enigma.

Praise for Gordon Corrigan

‘Political, fluent, well-researched and extremely argumentative’ – Andrew Roberts

Gordon Corrigan is an ex-soldier and historical writer and broadcaster. He was educated at the Royal School, Armagh, and the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. He served in the British Army’s Royal Gurkha Rifles, mainly in the Far East, and reached the rank of major. On retirement from the army, Gordon became a freelance writer on military history. He also presented television documentaries, gave talks and conducted tours of World War I battlefields. He is an honorary research fellow of the University of Kent and the University of Birmingham, and a teaching fellow at the Joint Services Command and Staff College.
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Cromwell Hero or Villain 2008

Was Oliver Cromwell a Hero or Villain?

Labelled everything from a towering champion of social justice to a canting hypocrite, Oliver Cromwell has rarely lost his ability to divide opinion since his death. Here, John Morrill assesses how history has remembered him Oliver Cromwell has never enjoyed a better press than in the past 30 years. Almost all the biographies currently available in bookshops treat him as a man of towering personal integrity. Cromwell was a military leader who was never defeated, a political leader who took the tough decisions, the man who orchestrated the Regicide in the winter of —9 and, for the last five years of his life, a reluctant head of state serving as lord protector under two different paper constitutions. To many, his greatness is undoubted, notwithstanding the fierceness of his religious faith. Only the Irish, remembering the Drogheda and Wexford massacres, revile him.

Was Oliver Cromwell a Hero or a Villain? There are many interpretations of Oliver Cromwell as he lived in the 17th century, he was seen differently at that time than he is seen today. There are different interpretations because historians might have been biased because they were on one side at that time and unbiased now. Another reason could be that people at that time knew more about him then people do now. Oliver Cromwell could be seen. Was Oliver Cromwell a hero or a villain?

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Oliver Cromwell might well be the most controversial person in British history. The lowly landowner who became a quasi-king, helping slaying an actual king in the process, he's regarded as a champion of liberty by some, and a kind of 17th Century fascist by others. So should we celebrate or revile Cromwell today? Consider the opposing points of view and make your own thoughts felt below. Sounds over the top?

Oliver Cromwell was born in 25 April in a town in England called Huntington. Oliver Cromwell is one of those heroic figures who contributed his entire life to take back the tradition of England, which was deteriorated by King Charles I. Cromwell however isn't a typical hero- in actual facts many people wouldn't even consider him to be a hero at all. Cromwell is a controversial figure who still has people wondering. Even now in the new millennium, people are still contemplating his place in history- hero or villain?

Few figures have excited so much controversy. Decried on the one hand as an ambitious schemer and hypocrite corrupted by power, Cromwell has been acclaimed on the other as a political visionary inspired by God to reform government, law and society. The Interregnum, when monarchy was abolished and England experimented with being a republic, lasted just 11 years from —60, yet it wrought irrevocable change. Was Cromwell the hero or villain of the piece? His roots lie in Huntingdon in Cambridgeshire, where he was born in into a distinguished but relatively impoverished squirearchal family. From April he studied at Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, leaving suddenly after a year due to the death of his father.


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