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forks over knives review new york times

Forks Over Knives: The Plant-Based Way to Health by Gene Stone

The #1 New York Times bestseller answers: What if one simple change could save you from heart disease, diabetes, and cancer?

For decades, that question has fascinated a small circle of impassioned doctors and researchers—and now, their life-changing research is making headlines in the hit documentary Forks Over Knives. Their answer? Eat a whole-foods, plant-based diet—it could save your life.

It may overturn most of the diet advice you’ve heard—but the experts behind Forks Over Knives aren’t afraid to make waves. In his book Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn explained that eating meat, dairy, and oils injures the lining of our blood vessels, causing heart disease, heart attack, or stroke. In The China Study, Dr. Colin Campbell revealed how cancer and other diseases skyrocket when eating meat and dairy is the norm—and plummet when a traditional plant-based diet persists. And more and more experts are adding their voices to the cause: There is nothing else you can do for your health that can match the benefits of a plant-based diet.

Now, as Forks Over Knives is introducing more people than ever before to the plant-based way to health, this accessible guide provides the information you need to adopt and maintain a plant-based diet. Features include:
Insights from the luminaries behind the film—Dr. Neal Barnard, Dr. John McDougall, The Engine 2 Diet author Rip Esselstyn, and many others

Success stories from converts to plant-based eating—like San’Dera Prude, who no longer needs to medicate her diabetes, has lost weight, and feels great!
The many benefits of a whole-foods, plant-based diet—for you, for animals and the environment, and for our future
A helpful primer on crafting a healthy diet rich in unprocessed fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains, including tips on transitioning and essential kitchen tools

125 recipes from 25 champions of plant-based dining—from Blueberry Oat Breakfast Muffins and Sunny Orange Yam Bisque to Garlic Rosemary Polenta and Raspberry-Pear Crisp—delicious, healthy, and for every meal, every day.
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Forks Over Knives - The Extended Interviews (Documentary)

A review of Lee Fulkerson's provocative documentary "Forks Over Knives," which focuses on bad eating habits and how they can be changed.
Gene Stone

‘Forks Over Knives’: Digging up reasons for a plant-based diet

Positing that most of our major health issues — including heart disease, cancer and diabetes — can be prevented and even in some cases reversed by following a vegetables-and-whole-grains diet, this dense documentary would rather inform than entertain. Its hale heroes are the nutritional scientist T. Colin Campbell and the surgeon Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn Jr. While at times fascinating, this trudge through statistics, graphs and grainy film of cholesterol bubbles and arterial plaque may challenge even the most determined viewer.

I'm officially adding another movie to my list of films that can help you to become a more mindful eater see previous blog article. You may have seen a clip of it on the Dr. In a nutshell, Forks Over Knives is about two doctors, Dr. Colin Campbell and Dr. Esselstyn, who are advocating a plant based diet similar to vegan. Whether you agree or totally disagree with the message of this movie, it may get you to start thinking critically about what you eat and how it impacts your health.

It's a documentary called Forks Over Knives that was recently released I invited a tough critic to review this film with me. who stop needing medications after a very short period of time. The relationship between health and food is not a new idea. Psychologist and New York Times Bestselling Author.
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Forks Over Knives is an earnest and fact-filled work of food evangelism. Eating a whole-food, plant-based diet reverses coronary artery disease, reduces health-care costs, and elevates sexual appetite, says Lee Fulkerson's film. He has the numbers to prove it.

Here is a film that could save your life. So you'd better stop reading now, because you don't want to go to the trouble. You are addicted to fat, salt, sugar and corn syrup. Your body has established a narcotic-like dependence on them, and you're comfortable with that, just like smokers know why they keep on smoking. If you have to die 10 or 25 years sooner than necessary to smoke, if you need Viagra because your vascular system is compromised, or if you're overweight, you can live with that.


  1. Nasya R. says:

    A tale of two doctors, many cows and a multitude of human ailments, Lee Fulkerson's “Forks Over Knives” makes a pedantic yet persuasive.

  2. Francitnedy says:

    In fact, a former president of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics was the token anti-vegan in the nutrition documentary "Forks Over Knives.".

  3. Natasha H. says:

    New York Times Reviews “Forks Over Knives”. A mixed and sarcastic review, but nevertheless a big deal in terms of giving the movie mainstream exposure.

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