Mahatma gandhis dream of modern india

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mahatma gandhis dream of modern india

India Of My Dreams by Mahatma Gandhi

The book is a collection of speeches, articles etc. by Mahatma Gandhi. There are 75 topics in which Gandhi Ji speaks about his thoughts and dreams for the nation.

Though many words like Ahimsa, Satyagraha, Swaraj are pretty common to hear but there actual meaning and practice is difficult.

The chapters regarding the safeguard of minorities and upliftment of villages impressed me much. I will only recommend this work if you are interested in getting to know more of Mahatma Gandhi otherwise there are other great books actually written by Mahatma Gandhi.
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Life of Mahatma Gandhi And His Role In India's Freedom Struggle By Roman Saini - UPSC CSE/ IAS Exam

India Of My Dream

He looked straight into his eyes, quite exactly like this. Gandhi was walking, of course, not standing. And he walked straight into those three bullets. He embraced those darts, he did. With the might of his pain for others, the depth of his faith in God, he hugged them. He had fought for years to prevent the division of India along the lines of religions.

Essay on The Nightmare

Gandhi Jayanti: Cleanliness is not just the responsibility of government but all citizens, including those who work for the government. Mahatma Gandhi had a revolutionary vision about making India clean., India of My Dreams.

YI, , p. I believe that nothing remains static. Human nature either goes up or goes down. Let us hope in India, it is going up. Otherwise, there is nothing but deluge for India and, probably, for the whole world.. Will a free India present to the world a lesson of peace, or of hatred and violence, of which the world is already sick unto death? H, , p.


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