All i want to do is bang

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all i want to do is bang

Bang Bang by Rachel Van Dyken

He was my best friend.
Until he became my enemy.
All within the span of one night.
Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang.
The rapid fire of gunshots became the soundtrack to my life.
This is the Mafia. Lines are blurred. Choices are never black and white. And the life you thought you knew is... one giant lie.
He was dead.
And I didnt want his life to be in vain, so I tried to make something of myself. I tried and failed.
Now hes back. Alive. And he wants something...
Nobody ever said the mafia played fair.
Welcome to The Family.
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Published 31.12.2018

M.I.A. - Paper Planes (All I Wanna Do Is `Bang Bang?And Take Your Money)

Bang the Drum All Day

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The lyrics describe, in the first person , the singer's drive to "bang on the drum all day" to the exclusion of everything else.
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Top definition. All I want. I don't want relationship I just want Bang bang bang I don't want to meet your mom I just want Bang bang bang. After two failing video's this dropped and k-posers collectively flipped shit at how amazing it was. Girl 1: ohhh my god have you seen Bang Bang Bang yet it's amazing! Girl 2: You mean the one by Big Bang hell yes Tae's backup dancers are drool worthy girl i want me a piece of that. Guy 1: have you heard Bang Bang Bang yet?


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