I am jacks broken heart

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i am jacks broken heart

Quote by Chuck Palahniuk: I am Jacks broken heart.

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Published 31.12.2018

Ep 24: I am Jacks Medulla Oblongata

I nit je vezala dva srca, ponekad daleka, ponekad prebliska ali nikad labava. If he chooses not to hold you, remind yourself you do not need his arms. Not when you have two of your own. Hold yourself, girl. Remind yourself that the love you have to give is more nurturing than he can ever give you, and you deserve that love, a far more wholesome love than his. I have a thing about not letting people explore certain parts of me. I will always try to protect myself.

Its Geek Mental Help week next week 1. Last year I wrote a series of blog posts talking about my experience with mental health, and I want to talk about this again this week. The Medulla Oblongata controls all the stress bits of your physiology; heart rate, blood pressure, nausea. And so it seemed fitting for what I want to talk about today, which is essentially trying to get my Medulla Oblongata to chill the fuck out for once. I get scared of lots of things, including rejection. Rejection of me, of my ideas, my feelings. The fight part of the fight or flight response.

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    Narrator: I am Jack's broken heart.

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