Famous family feuds in history

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famous family feuds in history

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Vendettas: The Sutton-Taylor Feud (History Channel Documentary)

Find out about six epic family feuds. City, including the famous Dakota building ) died in he left an estate worth a reported $50 million.

4 Bloody Family Feuds in American History

History is full of famous feuds. They usually stemmed from wounded pride or a grasp for power, or both. These famous rivalries led to some of the most violent battles in the history of mankind — not to mention, a whole lot of unnecessary death. Adolf and Rudolph Dasser, two shoemaker brothers from the German city of Herzogenaurach, experienced a massive boost in business when their shoes were worn by Jesse Owens at the Olympics in Berlin. Despite this success, the two brothers became estranged in the years following, though no one knows for sure what happened. Whatever the cause, the two brothers became bitter enemies and ultimately split their business to form their own shoe companies. Thanks to a certain musical phenomenon, many people now know that Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr began their relationship as good friends.

The Hatfields and the McCoys may be history's most famous archenemies, but they have company—and lots of it. Jealousy, anger, and vindictiveness are all integral parts of the darker side of human nature. Family feuds and bitter rivalries have plagued societies since the dawn of time, providing fodder for ancient historians, medieval chroniclers, and gossip columnists alike. No realm of human activity has been spared: Politics, the arts, entertainment, and academia have all spawned bitter disputes spanning decades, and in some cases, centuries. Stacker combed through the history books, newspaper archives, and the internet to compile this list of 30 famous feuds from around the globe, ranging from verbal sparrings to vengeful bloodbaths. All conflicts included in this list are at least a decade old. This royal family feud pitted the House of York against the House of Lancaster in pursuit of the English crown.

If you have a disagreement with your neighbor today, you might head to small-claims court to settle the dispute. But in rural parts of 19th-century America, such disagreements were often solved with the business end of a gun. Here are four bloody family feuds that could have used some mediation. Before their feud started in the s, the Grahams and Tewksburys, both livestock ranchers in Pleasant Valley, Arizona, were actually friends and business partners. Granted, their business was stealing cattle from another rancher.

1. Adolf and Rudolf Dassler

A feud, or vendetta, is an extended argument between two groups of people, usually started as the result of an insult, violence, or even murder. Today the term is more popularly associated with celebrities and sports rivalries, but historical blood feuds were fairly commonplace, and there were even rules and laws—like dueling—that were set up in order to help resolve them. - Feuds in the United States deals with the phenomena of historic blood feuding in America. These feuds have been numerous and some became quite vicious.

The brothers constructed factories on opposite sides of the river in Herzogenaurach, and the rivalry grew so intense that some local shops catered solely to Adidas or Puma employees and it was frowned upon for a worker from one company to wed someone from the other firm. During the last part of the 19th century, two Arizona ranching families, the Grahams and Tewksburys, engaged in a long-running, bloody battle that resulted in the deaths of 20 or more people, by some estimates. The exact details of how the so-called Pleasant Valley War was ignited in the early s are unknown, but accusations of cattle-rustling likely played a role. The feud came to a violent end with the murder of Tom Graham, the last survivor of his family involved in the feud, who was ambushed by Ed Tewksbury in Tempe, Arizona. Tewksbury spent a short time behind bars before being freed. Heirs to the Singer sewing machine fortune, the Clark brothers each assembled art collections considered to be among the greatest of the 20th century; however, a fistfight between the two over their inheritance resulted in a nearly year feud.

Marc V. All families argue among themselves or with their neighbors once in a while. However, petty arguments can quickly get out of hand and result in protracted and bloody feuds. A longstanding dispute over grazing rights between the cattle-owning Grahams and the sheep-owning Tewksburys finally erupted into a gun war in February when Tom Graham fatally shot a Native American worker of the Tewksburys. After that, the two families attacked each other for years, resulting in the deaths of at least 19 and perhaps as many as 30 family members and their sympathizers.


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