Horrible histories stone age report

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horrible histories stone age report

The Savage Stone Age by Terry Deary

The first book I’m going to talk about is Savage Stone Age and is actually the third one I’ve read, but its special subject forces me to put it in the top of the list. Throughout this book you will read about the timeline of human evolution and the three prehistoric periods of mankind (in a brief introductory chapter), how Stone Agers lived, the animals they hunted till becoming extinct. We will also learn more about the food they ate, how they cooked it, about their weird beliefs and gruesome burials, about brainy archaeologists, treasure hunters, accidental discoveries, stone circles legends and mysteries (including many fascinating facts about Stonehenge) and many other curious facts which won’t let you put the book or reading device down.

I don’t want to spoil your read, in case you plan to go through this book, but I will give you a tiny hint. For example, in the chapter Rotten Rituals, among many bizarre and pretty horrible funeral rituals, you will find out that there are many stone circles spread across Britain and their presence brings luck and good energies. Unfortunately, nobody knows exactly what they were made for. Tradition says that if a girl wanted to know who will be her future husband, she had to travel to Arthur’s Stone (at Gower near Swansea, Wales), wait until midnight when the moon was full and put cakes, milk and honey on the ancient stone. Crawl around the stone on your hands and knees and if the vision of your lover appears, then you will marry him. If not, then he’s probably too busy watching telly. (Loc. 969-970)

There are also some little tests, through which Terry Deary challenges you to remember what you have learnt about the Stone Agehorrible histories Period. But don’t worry if you get the answers wrong, because you are doing it just for fun. For instance, there’s a test where the author asks you a few questions about the way Stone Agers lived and you have to choose the correct answer. If you get all the answers right, then you are a modern human being. If you get less answers right, depending on the number of wrong answers, you are a Neanderthal, chimpanzee or less than that.

Before ending this review, I must tell you that, although Savage Stone Age is a book for children, it helped me understand better my anthropology class and those history lessons from my childhood. Through the jokes and anecdotes inserted between the lines, the author reminds us that history can be child’s play and its main role is to captivate the audience, because history also means story.

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Horrible Histories is a children's live-action historical and musical sketch-comedy TV series based on the book series of the same name written by Terry Deary. The show ran for five series of thirteen episodes each plus seven full-length one-off specials , between and Series producer was Caroline Norris. Writers are listed as per credits of each episode. Original music was—except where noted—written by Richie Webb music and Dave Cohen lyrics , with instrumentals by Webb. The songs were not given formal titles; where possible their creators' names for them have been used.

It is the educational franchise that just keeps on growing. Horrible Histories, the subversive and often scatalogical series of humorous books whose examination of the past in full, gory detail has gripped generations of children around the world, is now poised to hit the big screen. It is the latest coup for an increasingly elastic brand that now boasts more than titles — stretching from The Savage Stone Age to The Blitzed Brits — and which has sold more than 27m copies worldwide and been translated into 40 languages. Since the series began in with The Terrible Tudors , Horrible Histories has been reincarnated in the form of plays, interactive online games, magazines, a major BBC television series — even its own version of Monopoly. But its first foray into the cinema takes it into a new and hugely lucrative arena.

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Terry Deary. Illustrated by Martin Brown. Toronto, ON: Scholastic Canada, ISBN Subject Headings: Stone age-Juvenile literature. Stone age-Juvenile humors. Review by Daphne Hamilton-Nagorsen.

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