Rainbow in a bottle experiment

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rainbow in a bottle experiment

How to Make a Liquid Rainbow by Lori Shores

Title: How to Make A Liquid Rainbow
Author: Lori Shores
Genre: non-fiction (how-to book)
Theme(s): Density/science, experimenting
Opening line/sentence: “Rainbows reach across the sky. You can build a liquid rainbow in a jar.”
Brief Book Summary: This how-to book teaches students simply how to make a liquid rainbow. The book explains step by step how to do this experiment and the science behind it.
Professional Recommendation/Review #1: Heather Christensen (Children’s Literature)- New readers learn about density in this simple science experiment found in this title from the Hands-On Science Fun series from Capstone. Each page has just one or two instructions written in large plain font surrounded by plenty of space. The opposing page has accompanying color photographs that illustrate the action of the text, helping new readers with comprehension. The experiment uses liquids commonly found in most households, like corn syrup, dish soap, and cooking oil. Most students will be able to read the text and conduct the experiment with minimal assistance from an adult. At the conclusion of the activity, there is a section titled How Does it Work? that explains the science behind the project, which in this case is density. Shore gives a simple, but clear definition of liquid density, and helps explain how that affects the way liquids interact with each other. The final pages in the book include a short glossary and a brief bibliography listing print resources and a website for Capstone’s web index, FactHound. Teachers and parents looking for simple science experiments for young beginning readers may find this a helpful resource.
Professional Recommendation/Review #2: N/A
Response to Professional Review: I definitely agree with this review because it touches on the simple text and images to assist students. The review discusses how students are able to read the text and simply perform each step with some assistance from an adult. The text throughout the book is very simple and clear, which makes the step-by-step process of creating a liquid rainbow even easier for students to understand and follow. This review also discusses how the book teaches students about density, which sometimes might be a hard topic for students to understand, but this book definitely can help teach this topic!
Evaluation of Literary Elements: Since this is a how-to book, there are not many literary elements used. One thing that is used is theme because throughout the book students can see how science works through this experiment. The book is great for children because of its simple, easy-to-read text. There are also colorful illustrations throughout the book so not only are students able to read how to do each step, but they can also see still images of demonstrations.
Consideration of Instructional Application: This is a great how-to book that can be used in an elementary classroom. This book can be used as a science lesson, to teach students how to make a liquid rainbow! It is also beneficial because it is a book that teaches students how to create this hands-on science experiment. The book can be read aloud, step by step and a demonstration is being done, or even by reading one step and then having the students perform that step and doing that until the experiment is complete. This also teaches students about science and how some aspects of science may work. This is a great way to incorporate literature into a fun, interactive, science experiment for students!
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Rainbow in a bottle - Easy Science - Experiment for Kids - Cool Science Experiments

Liquid Rainbow Science Experiment

I love incorporating easy science experiments into the classroom as often as I can. I thought this rainbow in a jar science experiment was perfect for March. To make this rainbow in a jar, the students are exploring density by layering sugar water to make a rainbow. Step 3: To the jar of red water, add 2 tablespoons of sugar. To the jar of yellow, add 4 tablespoons of sugar. To the jar of green water, add 6 tablespoons of sugar. To the jar of blue water, add 8 tablespoons of sugar.

Looking for some easy ways to add super cool, hands-on science to your classroom or home? Hop over and grab our super cool science kit from our store or from our Teachers Pay Teachers store. I also grabbed two identical containers and some marbles so that I could give my son a brief explanation about density. Before we jumped into the project though, I wanted him to understand what was about to happen, so I decided to introduce him to the concept of density first. I showed him two containers that were the same size.

For this experiment we are going to build our own rainbow in a jar. Rainbow in a Jar. This is create a purple color liquid. Pour the purple liquid carefully into the tall jar. Then carefully pour the green liquid into the tall jar.

Kids will make a beautiful rainbow in a jar and learn what enables different types of liquids to remain distinct in separate layers.
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This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure here. Especially one that is so easy and amazes little learners. My kiddos love to do this Liquid Rainbow science experiment together to explore liquids and the differences in their density. To help learners understand this experiment and give a little background to why the results happen I have them feel and shake the bottles we use for our experiment. Allow them to make observations about how these liquids are the same and if they seem different in any way. The first liquid of our rainbow is honey.


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    This water density experiment with sugar uses only a few kitchen ingredients but produces an amazing science experiment for kids! Water experiments for kids make great play activities as well as learning too! Enjoy finding out about the basics of color mixing all the way up to the.

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    Rainbow In A Jar Science Experiment - Primary Playground

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