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if not now when review

If Not Now, When? by Primo Levi

Primo Levi was among the greatest witnesses to twentieth-century atrocity. In this gripping novel, based on a true story, he reveals the extraordinary lives of the Russian, Polish and Jewish partisans trapped behind enemy lines during the Second World War. Wracked by fear, hunger and fierce rivalries, they link up, fall apart, struggle to stay alive, and to sabotage the efforts of the all-powerful German army. A compelling tale of action, resistance and epic adventure, it also reveals Levis characteristic compassion and deep insight into the moral dilemmas of total war. It ranks alongside THE PERIOD TABLE and IF THIS IS A MAN as one of the rare authentic masterpieces of the 20th century.
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Incubus - If Not Now, When? [2011] FULL ALBUM

Where the hell has Incubus been? It's been over four years since we nodded our heads to “Anna Molly” off of 's Light Grenades, and in that.
Primo Levi

Washed Out

However, for anyone still holding on for S. If Not Now, When? While Incubus have never been a band to stand still, this is perhaps the most abrupt dismissal of their past, despite a continual change in sound from one record to the next. Likewise, production owes a lot to the much-maligned decade, with big drums and Police-inspired staccato guitars. However, a grand presentation cannot hide the fact that If Not Now, When?

Where the hell has Incubus been? Call it growth, call it maturity, call it whatever you may like, but when listening to their new album , If Not Now, When? Maybe this was a little more obvious than that, though. Instead of tremendous riffs and melodies, this album comes off as the Brandon Boyd show, volume II. Sure, his vocals and lyrics continue to prove amicable, but the rest of the band is almost non-existent. Almost every track on the album has a slow, elevator-music-style tempo, and lead guitarist Mike Einziger never really shows his off extraordinary skills. Either the band itself became lazy, letting Boyd take over, or they really enjoyed his solo album and wanted to continue on that path.

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Incubus: If Not Now, When? A question better left unanswered. The tightrope walking cover art for Incubus' sixth studio album may lead you to believe its contents are dangerous and exciting. Sadly, nothing could be further from the truth. A better depiction would zoom out to reveal that the man is walking over a pit of velvet-adorned pillows and marshmallows. The strangest aspect of the album is that, aside from the mid-tempo piano rock of "Promises, Promises" suddenly sounding as if they are a slightly better version of Five For Fighting, Incubus is not in sell-out mode here.

A five year leap finds Incubus in a new dimension, their sixth studio album a forefront-placing of inner-recipe artistic drive and an atmospheric embrace decidedly feminine in nature. He called If Not Now, When? This entire time, Incubus has essentially been searching for a sense of balance between all of the possibilities inherent in crafting a song. I do believe that for many years now we have been searching for something different. Something unique, both to the world and to us as a band. We decided that If Not Now, When?


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