Words of wisdom from elders

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words of wisdom from elders

Elders Quotes (38 quotes)

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Published 01.01.2019

great words of wisdom - christian orthodox elder † Arsenie Papacioc, Romania

Wisdom of Our Elders

Which is why we bring you these words of advice which might just shine a light. Passed on by tribal chiefs and village elders to their children and grandchildren, these pearls of wisdom were all designed to help the future generation lead a happier, more fulfilled life. Ranging from sage sayings to inspiring personal anecdotes, each one is genius. So what exactly can we take away from these words of wisdom? Well, the first thing we noticed was that they are all surprisingly similar. In fact, despite the advice coming from all around the world, there was a running theme to it.


Sign in with Facebook Sign in options., Each of these insights comes from a conversation conducted during the Great Thanksgiving Listen , an annual initiative from TED Prize winner Dave Isay and his team at StoryCorps that asks people to interview an older family member or friend during the US holiday weekend. And you might just hear a piece of useful advice that will get you through a difficult moment.




  1. Jessika B. says:

    Karl Pillemer has spent the last several years systematically interviewing hundreds of older Americans to collect their lessons for living.

  2. Kiera L. says:

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  3. Dunstan V. says:

    27 Best Elderly quotes images in | Respect your elders, Great quotes, Respect quotes

  4. Renreadorim says:

    Topic: Most of us recall words of wisdom from our parents or grandparents that have stayed with us.

  5. Soren C. says:

    These are more extreme examples, but nonetheless far too common.

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