Where was milton hershey born

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where was milton hershey born

Hershey: Milton S. Hersheys Extraordinary Life of Wealth, Empire, and Utopian Dreams by Michael DAntonio

The name Hershey evokes many things: chocolate bars, the company town in Pennsylvania, one of Americas most recognizable brands. But who was the man behind the name? In this compelling biography, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Michael DAntonio gives us the real-life rags-to-riches story of Milton S. Hershey, a largely uneducated businessman whose idealistic sense of purpose created an immense financial empire, a town, and a legacy that lasts to this day.

Hershey, the son of a ministers daughter and an irresponsible father who deserted the family, began his career inauspiciously when the two candy shops he opened both went bankrupt. Undeterred, he started the Lancaster Caramel Company, which brought him success at last. Eventually he sold his caramel operation and went on to perfect the production process of chocolate to create a stable, consistent bar with a long shelf life...and an American icon was born.

Hershey was more than a successful businessman -- he was a progressive thinker who believed in capitalism as a means to higher goals. He built the worlds largest chocolate factory and a utopian village for his workers on a large tract of land in rural Pennsylvania, and used his own fortune to keep his workers employed during the Great Depression. In addition, he secretly willed his fortune to a boys school and orphanage, both of which now control a vast endowment.

Extensively researched and vividly written, Hershey is the fascinating story of this uniquely American visionary.
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Milton S. Hershey

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As a child living in the rural area of Pennsylvania he was expected to assist the family in farming and other household chores which taught him valuable traits of determination and hard work. His family had to move around a lot because of which Hershey could not receive a proper education after grade 4. During his teenage, Hershey grew tired of travelling and decided to settle in New York and find some permanent work. But the city demanded much more from him; his lack of education was a huge hindrance in his success and by the time he reached his thirties, money became very scarce. Hershey tried his luck at various jobs however his main interest lay in making candy.

For generations, the name Hershey has been a household word synonymous with fine chocolate products throughout the country and around the world. The man who began it all, Milton S. Hershey, was satisfied to let his accomplishments and products speak for themselves.
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Following an incomplete rural school education, Hershey was apprenticed at age After two failed attempts, Hershey set up the Lancaster Caramel Co.

Milton Snavely Hershey , born Sept. Following an incomplete rural school education, Hershey was apprenticed at age 15 to a confectioner in Lancaster, Pa. After completing his apprenticeship in he set up his own candy shop in Philadelphia, but the venture failed six years later. After an attempt to manufacture candy in New York City also ended in failure, Hershey returned to Lancaster, where his innovative use of fresh milk in caramels proved enormously successful. He set up the Lancaster Caramel Company, which continued to make caramels in the s while Hershey became increasingly interested in chocolate making.


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