Everybody has a water buffalo

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everybody has a water buffalo

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Published 02.01.2019

VeggieTales: His Cheeseburger - Silly Song

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The water buffalo song lyrics

Oh where'd we get them? I don't know, but everybody's got a water buffaloooooooooo. That's right, everbody does have a water buffalo. Where we got them is unknown, but they're awesome. And they come in different varieties.

The Water Buffalo Song. Bedrock Anthem. Suck a Pitbull's Dick. Come to the Supermarket In Old Peking. Straight American Slave. Rocket from the Crypt. Buffalo Skinners.

I may have mentioned that our dishwasher gave up washing dishes for Lent. We have never actually bought a dishwasher; our current model came to us as the second of two used hand-me-down models. But then Lent hit, and in addition to giving up chocolate for Lent, I also give up reading fiction. My full review of the book is here , and you are cordially invited to meander through my Lenten reading list with me as I read and review the books over at Compulsive Overreader. Here I am blogging about it. Today was a good day for charity but a bad day for humility. I will say that we have not ruled out the idea of buying a dishwasher as well as a water buffalo.

VeggieTales Lyrics

What do these songs really mean? The Water Buffalo Song: Clearly this song represents the chronic single watching as all of his friends are getting married water buffalos being symbalic of said marriages. The bit about baby kangaroos clearly is about everyone having babies, with the named colors even being the traditional colors for male and female babies blue and pink. Dance of the Cucumber: Culture being messed up as a result of tourism. The Cheeseburger Song: This is a deeply disturbing song about obsessive unrequited love. Just as Jerry Gourd waits all night for his cheeseburger, so does the person who is obsessively waiting for the one he loves. In the end, he settles for someone he likes less, while never fully committing to her because he wants to keep his options open for the ones for whom he pines.




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