Why are ereaders so expensive

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why are ereaders so expensive

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Published 02.01.2019

Top 5 Note Taking e-Readers 2019: Ranked

The online bookstore landscape has changed dramatically in the last five years.

Jeff Bezos: Why the Kindle Is So Expensive

First, because of battery life. Way more interesting than the kindle-fire stuff. I guess content for kindle fire looks like a juicier market, but… no one is making e-ink laptops! We have plenty of app stores, music services and online video stores. On the reader front, I was really hoping amazon would do more to change the business of publishing.

Nobody is likely to confuse a Kindle with a cellphone, but Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said Monday he considered the cellphone business model: undercharge for the device and make it up on content and service fees.
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Ah, the simple pleasure of a book. The slow burn of drama, the crisply printed words, the flash of the screen as you share a particularly moving passage on social media. Yes, reading now is a little bit different than it was even a decade ago. While print books are doing surprisingly well , bigger and better smartphones have given e-books a second life. After 10 years of uncertainty, it seems that we finally live in a world where readers of both print and digital books can live in peace with each other. Neither one is going away anytime soon.

Forums Recent Rules My Activity. Hey there! Welcome to the Digital Spy forums. Sign In Register. Is this a silly question? I am not a techy person but even i understand that all they do is show text and have a reasonably large hard drive but my basic nokia phone can do everything they seem to be able to do.


  1. Gasilbehim1956 says:

    Digital or physical?

  2. Miqueo M. says:

    Ask HN: Why are larger e-readers much more expensive than tablets? | Hacker News

  3. Blondelle L. says:

    E-ink displays are simply more expensive to produce than LCD displays, so any device that uses them is going to cost more. Why is the Kindle Oasis so expensive when its spec is still quite low compared to tablets? The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is great e-reader for an affordable.

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