Quotes about having too much homework

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quotes about having too much homework

Homework Quotes (36 quotes)

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Published 23.12.2018

Getting Over It - Full Speech, All the Monologue, Full Commentary by Bennet Foddy

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The great homework debate: Too much, too little or busy work?

Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. Photos: Parents grade their kids' homework: Too much or not enough? Hide Caption. Story highlights There is a sharp debate among parents about homework The National PTA recommends 10 minutes of homework per night per grade level The research on the benefits of homework is mixed Giving students homework time at the end of school day helps, say students. Ask parents how they feel about homework, as we did on CNN's Facebook page , and the response is immediate and intense.

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No kid should be getting three or four hours of homework a night. There's no breathing time, there's no family time, there are just extracurriculars and homework and then go to bed. Nothing is more powerful for your future than being a gatherer of good ideas and information. That's called doing your homework. A genius is a talented person who does his homework. Homework is a term that means grown up imposed yet self-afflicting torture. I like a teacher who gives you something to take home to think about besides homework.

Today, some children study for more than 20 hours. Sounds too much right? Well, many schools have adopted the practice of issuing children with a great deal of homework. In the process, they have prevented children from being children. Young learners cannot engage in life enhancing activities, such as sport, drawing, coloring, and playing because they have a lot to do. We have compiled a number of no homework quotes to prove that homework does not necessarily help learners.


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