10 things i love about my brother

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10 things i love about my brother

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The Blues Brothers (1980) - Everybody Needs Somebody to Love Scene (6/9) - Movieclips

12 Reasons Why Your Brother Will Always Be The Most Awesome Guy In Your Life

I love you because we get to share friends; my friends are yours and your friends are mine. I love you because you always do funny things and tell jokes. I love you because you are as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside. I love you because you are brave, braver than you think. I love you because you are caring.

Post a Comment. Anti Jen. Sunday, January 28, 32 things i love about my brother. Today my brother Billy turns 32 and my youngest niecelet, baby Grace, is 3. Though Grace's arrival was all too early, I love that her unexpected debut made them birthday buddies.

by Brianna Spence Emporia State University Jan 10, Brianna Spence Here are 21 things I appreciate about my brother. His love for Marvel and DC.
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The truth is, my brother didn't like me at first. In his defense, I guess if I were a small human being forced to share my parents for the first time then I would be a little ticked off, too. I've never found him quite as off-putting as he initially found me, but again, being the second-born, I've never known a world without him. He didn't disturb my universe—he was always right at the center of it. He's always been there, my ginger sidekick, the person who used to trail after me around the house once I started walking, chirping, "Be cee-areful , Emma!


  1. Angela N. says:

    Google adwords guide 2014 pdf puns are the lowest form of humor

  2. Laura K. says:

    Dads get a lot of credit.

  3. Mario N. says:

    No matter how many times we get on each other's nerves.

  4. Elliot V. says:

    There is nothing more beautiful than the love of a sibling.

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