Interesting facts about kevin durant

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interesting facts about kevin durant

Kevin Durant: The Inspirational Story of Basketball Superstar Kevin Durant by Inspirational Stories

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Published 21.12.2018

Kevin Durant: 20 Facts You Probably Didn't Know

Kevin Durant turns 30 today. Here are some little-known facts about the superstar.

By age 13, his father re-entered his life and traveled the country with him to basketball tournaments. Growing up, Durant wanted to play for his favorite team, the Toronto Raptors, which included his favorite player, Vince Carter. During this time, he began wearing 35 as his jersey number in honor of his AAU coach, Charles Craig, who was murdered at the age of After playing two years of high school basketball at National Christian Academy and one year at Oak Hill Academy, Durant transferred to Montrose Christian School for his senior year, growing five inches before the start of the season and beginning the year with a height of 6 feet, 7 inches. He played one season of college basketball for the University of Texas, where he won numerous year-end awards and became the first freshman to be named Naismith College Player of the Year.

He played one season of college basketball for the University of Texas, and was selected as the second overall pick by the Seattle SuperSonics in the NBA draft. He played nine seasons in Oklahoma City before signing with Golden State in , winning back-to-back championships in and Durant was a heavily recruited high school prospect who was widely regarded as the second-best player in his class. In college, he won numerous year-end awards and became the first freshman to be named Naismith College Player of the Year. Off the court, Durant is one of the highest-earning basketball players in the world, due in part to endorsement deals with companies such as Foot Locker and Nike.

By announcing his decision to sign with the Warriors, he didn't just change the trajectory of the Oakland franchise — he shifted the league's entire balance of power. More so than anyone else, Durant is lodged at the center of the NBA discourse. LeBron James, whose gravitational pull once caused the league to react to his every move, is now marginalized on a Lakers team filled with flawed youngsters and castoff veterans. In , the entire league reacts to the Warriors, a super-team prior to Durant's arrival and, now, something unprecedented in the history of the sport. This ascendance is just the latest entry in a career full of accomplishments, all of which occurred, somehow, before the age of Durant turns 30 today. Since his days of tearing up the Big 12 at Texas way back in , the small forward has existed in the public eye.

Kevin Durant, American professional basketball player who was one of the most prolific scorers in National Basketball Association history. He won an NBA Most.
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Since being drafted in , Durant has become one of the greatest modern day scorers and one of the most likeable personalities in the NBA. Durant attended the University of Texas for one year before declaring for the draft, and he was selected second overall by the Seattle Supersonics, behind Greg Oden.

Durant was a basketball prodigy as a youth, becoming one of the best prospects in the thriving Washington, D. He attended the University of Texas , where as a freshman he led the Big 12 Conference in scoring average He was also a first-team All-American and the first freshman to earn consensus national College Player of the Year honours. He elected to end his college career after just one season and was selected by the Seattle SuperSonics with the second overall pick of the NBA draft. Durant averaged The relocation had no noticeable effect on Durant as he increased his scoring, rebounding, assists, and steals averages in his second season.

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Born on September 29, , outside of Washington, D. After playing college ball for only one season at the University of Texas, he was chosen second overall in the NBA draft by the Seattle SuperSonics. Durant went on to become a four-time scoring champion for the organization, which became the Oklahoma City Thunder after his Rookie of the Year campaign, and in he was voted the league's Most Valuable Player. Kevin Wayne Durant was born just outside of the nation's capital, in Suitland, Maryland, on September 29, As one of four children of Wanda and Wayne Pratt, Durant grew up loving sports with his sister, Brianna, and two brothers, Anthony also a basketball player and Rayvonne. His grandmother, Barbara, was a strong influence, telling him that his height was a blessing, even though schoolmates teased him for always being the tallest in class.


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