Questions to ask about faith

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questions to ask about faith

Answers to Tough Questions Skeptics Ask About the Christian Faith by Josh McDowell

My father had me read this book because there were a few questions I had been wondering that this book had answers too. While I did enjoy this book, and I found answers to a lot of questions I was asking, and some to questions I wasnt. I did find though, that with some questions it did seem to skirt around the answer and never fully answered and for that, I found it quite dissatisfying, but for most of them, I found the answer that I was searching for. I recommend this book, not just for Christians who are struggling but also for non-Christians who are asking questions that no one seems to want to answer. This is the book for you. I recommend, but be ready to do some more searching for some questions. 

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10 questions that every intelligent Christian must answer

8 Short Questions about Faith, Hope, and Love

Biblical, battle-tested, real-life help for "living by faith in the Son of God" Galatians A powerful discussion. What other questions would be helpful to think through — so we can better understand and live by faith? A principle of human behavior is that whatever I trust to satisfy me I desire the most — and whatever I desire the most I obey. So — when I trust Christ as my all-satisfying Treasure — I will be transformed, because I will passionately desire and obey Him. When I trust Jesus Christ as my all-satisfying Treasure John , and when I trust that through obedience I will experience even more of His all-satisfying presence John , I will obey.

20 Questions to Help You Share Your Faith

Faith, hope, and love are often referred to as three theological virtues—or three divine sisters. The whole Christian life, in terms of our living in response to God and his new work in us, springs from faith, hope, and love. - I said that I would draft a bucket list of conversations I want to have with my kids before they leave home someday and share them in a post.

During the Christian spiritual journey, followers of Christ are forced to eventually face some basic faith-related questions. Here are a few of the most common ones:. What does salvation really mean? When does it happen and is it permanent? Do you choose your own salvation or is it predestined? Is everyone saved or just a select few? The idea of salvation is extremely complex, and our concept of it directly influences how we live, evangelize, and interact with the people around us.


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