About town the new yorker and the world it made

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about town the new yorker and the world it made

About Town: The New Yorker and the World It Made by Ben Yagoda

For more than seven decades, the New Yorker has been the embodiment of urban sophistication and literary accomplishment, the magazine where the best work of virtually every prose giant of the century first appeared. With all the authority and elegance such a subject demands, Yagoda tells the fascinating story of the tiny journal that grew into a literary enterprise of epic proportions. Incorporating interviews with more than fifty former and current New Yorker writers, including the late Joseph Mitchell, Roger Angell, the late Pauline Kael, Calvin Trillin, and Ann Beattie, Yagoda is the first author to make extensive use of the New Yorkers archives. About Town penetrates the inner workings of the New Yorker as no other book has done, opening a window on a lost age.
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Published 23.12.2018

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The New Yorker magazine is known the world over for its iconic cover illustrations. Three of this year's were done by an artist from a tiny village in northern Germany.
Ben Yagoda

About Town: The New Yorker and the World It Made

When I was a child, the grownup books in my house were arranged according to two principles. One of these, which governed the downstairs books, was instituted by my mother, and involved achieving a remarkable harmony—one that anyone who has ever tried to organize a home library would envy—among thematic, alphabetic, and aesthetic demands. It was this pair of convictions that led to the development of the Stack. I suppose back then it was just a modest little pile of stray books, the kind that many readers have lying around in the living room or next to the bed. Kilimanjaro of books.

Ben Yagoda. New York: Scribner, Ben Yagoda provides a fitting tribute for The New Yorker's seventy-fifth anniversary. In his expansive book, Yagoda sets out to tell the story of The New Yorker and its importance to culture. Throughout the book, he not only relates how The New Yorker fit in and changed culture, he also tells the story of the people who shaped the magazine and literary tastes of America throughout the twentieth century. Yagoda opens the book with quotes from long-time New Yorker readers, seeking through a survey to discover what kept them reading over the years.

By The New Yorker. It tells the story of Frances, a watchful, sharp-witted college student in Dublin and her best friend, Bobbi, who together fall into a risky intimacy with Melissa and Nick, a couple in their thirties with glamorous artistic credentials and a fraying marriage. Like the best coming-of-age novels, it captures the beautiful confusion of being an intelligent young person with lots of ideas about the world and no clue how to live in it. This is the first novel that Rooney has written; I was so engrossed in its world that when I finished it, I flipped back to the first page and read it straight through again. I hope her next book comes soon. True, Christina, the daughter of Chinese immigrants living in a series of squalid apartments in New York, is only a kid, but she has a startlingly adult way of expressing herself, and so much rude, buoyant energy that she seems to practically bounce off the page; I think her brashness would do Selin some good. The novel has a meticulously polished surface and a molten, furious core; I read it a few weeks before the MeToo revelations began, and it has hung in my mind like a backdrop to everything that has followed since.

Talent is like obscenity: you know it when you see it. Of this trinity, only the second speaks explicitly to craft and seems readily practicable.
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    The New Yorker is an American magazine featuring journalism , commentary, criticism, essays, fiction, satire, cartoons, and poetry.

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    “Do Us a Favor”: The Forty-eight Hours That Sealed Trump’s Impeachment

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