What does a belly button piercing say about you

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what does a belly button piercing say about you

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Bellybutton piercing, what to expect, proper aftercare, who can and can't get pierced

What does a belly-button piercing symbolize? Advice from those under 20.

A navel piercing also referred to as a belly button piercing or an umbilical dip piercing is a type of piercing located through, in, or around, the navel. It may heal quickly and with no problems, like an ear piercing , or may heal more like a surface piercing with the associated extended healing time. Healing usually takes around months, or even more and as long as it is cleaned, it will heal nicely. The actual navel is not pierced when a navel piercing is performed. The most common form of navel piercing is through the upper rim of the navel.

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Belly button piercings may appear totally cool and effortless from an outside perspective, but they actually require serious commitment if you want them to look good in the long run. They heal slower than many other types of body piercings, and they require a significant amount of aftercare.

Top definition. THis is a type of body modification that has become popular in teen girls. THey wear belly shirts and bikinies to show off their belly button piercing. This is another form of expressing one's self that has been accepted by the mainstream of society. A needle is used to pierce the belly button. The needle is used for one person and then disposed of, never use a piercing place that does not get a new sterile needle for each person. Guns which can be used to pierce ear should not be used to pierce the belly button.

Outrageous care is put into each bit of gems all through each phase of its origination. Awesome Body Jewelry 4 All. Blog About Contact. Carry and see a navel piercing usually has an aesthetic purpose, but we can also find it to have different meanings, from the simplest to those who have to do with the psychological one. But what a perverted umbilicus means? It is now known as penetrating earrings are placed in different parts of the body to the ear lobe.


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