Facts about medusa in greek mythology

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facts about medusa in greek mythology

Medusa, A Love Story (Loves of Olympus, #1) by Sasha Summers

Its said love can change a person. Medusa wasnt always a monster...

Medusa is ruled by duty, to her Titan father and the Goddess Athena. Shes no room for the tenderness her warrior guard, Ariston, stirs. When Olympus frees her from service, her heart leads her into the arms of the guard she loves... and curses her as the creature with serpent locks.

Ariston goes to war with a full heart... and dreadful foreboding. He learns too late of the danger Medusa faces, alone, and a Persian blade sends him into the Underworld. But death, curses, nor the wrath of the Gods will keep him from returning to her.

Poseidon will use Greeces war to get what he wants: Medusa. He does not care that she belongs to another. He does not care that she will be damned. He is a God, an Olympian, and she will be his.
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Medusa Facts

Medusa was one of three sisters born to Phorcys and Ceto known as the Gorgons. According to Hesiod 's Theogony , the Gorgons were the sisters of the Graiai and lived in the utmost place towards the night by the Hesperides beyond Oceanus. Later authors such as Herodotus and Pausanias place the Gorgons' abode in Libya. The Gorgon sisters were Sthenno, Euryale, and Medusa; Medusa was mortal while her sisters were immortal. Beyond the Gorgon's birth, there is little mention of the Gorgons as a group, but Medusa has several myths about her life and death. The most famous of these myths concern her death and demise. In Hesiod's Theogony , he recounts how Perseus cut off the head of Medusa and from her blood sprang Chrysaor and Pegasus , Chrysaor being a golden giant and Pegasus the famous white winged-horse.

Medusa was one of the three Gorgons , daughters of Phorcys and Ceto , sisters of the Graeae , Echidna , and Ladon — all dreadful and fearsome beasts. A beautiful mortal, Medusa was the exception in the family, until she incurred the wrath of Athena , either due to her boastfulness or because of an ill-fated love affair with Poseidon. Transformed into a vicious monster with snakes for hair, she was killed by Perseus , who afterward used her still potent head as a weapon, before gifting it to Athena. From then on, similarly to Euryale and Stheno, her older Gorgon sisters, Medusa was depicted with bronze hands and wings of gold. Poets claimed that she had a great boar-like tusk and tongue lolling between her fanged teeth.

Medusa, in Greek mythology, the most famous of the monster figures known as Gorgons. Medusa was the only Gorgon who was mortal; hence her slayer, Perseus, was able to kill her by cutting off her head. From the blood that spurted from her neck sprang Chrysaor and Pegasus, her two.
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Those who gazed upon her face would turn to stone. Most sources describe her as the daughter of Phorcys and Ceto , [2] though the author Hyginus makes her the daughter of Gorgon and Ceto.

By deTraci Regula. Medusa is one of the more unusual divine figures of ancient Greece mythology. One of a trio of Gorgon sisters, Medusa was the only sister who was not immortal. She is famed for her snake-like hair and her gaze, which turns those who look at her to stone. Legend states that Medusa was once a beautiful, avowed priestess of Athena who was cursed for breaking her vow of celibacy. When Medusa had an affair with the sea god Poseidon , Athena punished her. She turned Medusa into a hideous hag, making her hair into writhing snakes and her skin was turned a greenish hue.

Medusa , in Greek mythology , the most famous of the monster figures known as Gorgons. She was usually represented as a winged female creature having a head of hair consisting of snakes; unlike the Gorgons, she was sometimes represented as very beautiful. Medusa was the only Gorgon who was mortal; hence her slayer, Perseus , was able to kill her by cutting off her head. From the blood that spurted from her neck sprang Chrysaor and Pegasus , her two sons by Poseidon. The severed head, which had the power of turning into stone all who looked upon it, was given to Athena , who placed it in her shield; according to another account, Perseus buried it in the marketplace of Argos.

Toggle navigation. Medusa Facts Medusa is an ancient Greek mythological character known for her ability to turn one into stone if they looked at her even by accident , and for her head of snakes instead of hair and winged human female form. Medusa was a Gorgon - one of three sisters with venomous snakes for hair and the ability to turn people to stone. Medusa and her two sisters Euryale and Stheno, were the children of Phorcys and his sister Ceto. Medusa was rumoured to have once been a beautiful young woman, but Athena became jealous when Poseidon turned his attentions to Medusa. Athena turned Medusa's face into a horrible sight and turned her hair to venomous snakes.


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