The book of judges is primarily about

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the book of judges is primarily about

Judges for You by Timothy J. Keller

Judges has only one hero God. As we read this as an account of how He works in history, it comes alive. The Book of Judges is not an easy read. But living in the times we do, it is an essential one. Join Dr Timothy Keller as he opens up the book of

Judges, helping you to get to grips with its meaning and showing how it transforms our hearts and lives today.

Written for people of every age and stage, from enquirers to new believers to pastors and teachers, this exible resource is the 2nd installment in the curriculum series, Gods Word For You.

Judges For You is for you to:

Read: As a guide to this historical narrative, pointing you forward to Gods greatest rescue of all.

Feed: As a daily devotional to help you grow in Christ as you read and meditate on this portion of Gods word.

Lead: As notes to aid you in explaining, illustrating and applying Judges as you preach or lead a Bible study.

Whoever you are, and however you use it, this is JUDGES FOR YOU.
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Judges in 7 Minutes

The Book of Judges (??? ??????, Sefer Shoftim) is the seventh book of the Hebrew Bible and the Christian Old Testament. In the narrative of the Hebrew Bible.
Timothy J. Keller


The judges to whom the title refers were charismatic leaders who delivered Israel from a succession of foreign dominations after their conquest of Canaan , the Promised Land. The introduction is an account of the conquest of Canaan — and a characterization of the period of the judges — The main body of the book consists of narratives about the judges. The book concludes with supplements about the migration of the tribe of Dan to the north chapters 17—18 and about the sins of the Benjaminites chapters 19— Because the author was an exile in Babylonia, foreign domination was a matter of deep concern. This arrangement of historical materials was designed to influence a course of action for the deliverance of the Israelites held captive in Babylonia. Book of Judges.

Search This Site. A "judge" Heb: shophet was primarily a military leader of a particular tribe, although they could serve the role of both military and legal administrator. The book of Judges is primarily the negative theological counterpart to the book of Joshua. In Joshua, Israel was faithful to God and stood unified around the single figure of Joshua. As a result of allowing God to lead them they were successful and settled into the land with a minimum of major battles. Theologically the book of Joshua presents the results of obedience and faithfulness to God, summarized by the statement "the land had rest from war" Josh , ; , etc. The book of Judges presents quite a different picture of Israel.

Who wrote the book?

In the narrative of the Hebrew Bible, it covers the time between the conquest described in the Book of Joshua and the establishment of a kingdom in the Books of Samuel , during which Biblical judges served as temporary leaders. Judges can be divided into three major sections: a double prologue chapters — , a main body — , and a double epilogue 17— The book opens with the Israelites in the land that God has promised to them, but worshiping "foreign gods" instead of Yahweh , the God of Israel, and with the Canaanites still present everywhere. The opening thus sets out the pattern which the stories in the main text will follow: [5]. Once peace is regained, Israel does right and receives Yahweh's blessings for a time, but relapses later into doing evil and repeats the pattern set forth above. Judges follows the Book of Joshua and opens with a reference to Joshua 's death Joshua ; cf. Judges

When we come to the Book of Judges, however, we come to a book of the Bible that really does need an introduction. When I looked at all of my favorite websites to see what others have done, I found that other preachers have done little or nothing on the Book of Judges. I find that Christians in general tend to avoid the book. When others heard that my next preaching series would be on the Book of Judges, the response I received from each has been remarkably similar. After dealing with a few characteristics of Judges which are important in understanding this book, I will attempt to demonstrate why this book is worthy of our attention, and accomplish this by setting forth some of the main reasons why I believe this book is neglected or ignored by many Christians. As I answer these objections to Judges, I believe we will see why this study is so important today.


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