We need to talk about kevin analysis

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we need to talk about kevin analysis

We Need to Talk About Kevin - Did Kevin respect his Mum after all? Showing 1-50 of 52

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We Need to Talk About Kevin (2011) - DISTURBING BREAKDOWN(RECAP)

May 07, AM. I think We need to talk about Kevin is a great book for discussion, there are many points that could be pulled apart and looked at closely.

We need to talk about Kevin's lack of empathy

All rights reserved. What's Up With the Epigraph? What's Up With the Ending? The novel is set specifically in New York State, but that doesn't matter. What does matter is the social and political climate of the entire United States during the two time periods of the book: t The first line of the book shows us that Eva is writing a letter: "Dear Franklin, I'm unsure why one trifling incident this afternoon has moved me to write to you" 1.

The discussion that follows that phrase is almost guaranteed not to be easy. No one says this if you're getting a raise or going on a family vacation. No, you only hear these four words when your boss wants to demote you, or your best friend wants to admit he or she is on the campaign trail for Deez Nuts, or your spouse wants to tell you that your child just killed someone.
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We need to talk about Kevin - School

Here, the family is not the gently glowing space where parents find the meaning in their lives, mothers do not always bond with their children, but teenagers—they kill other teenagers. We Need to Talk About Kevin. Courtesy of Oscilloscope Laboratories. What provokes discomfort is, rather, her very capacity to do so. Eva is persecuted—her property is covered in red paint, she is struck in the street—as if she, rather than her son, was really responsible for the atrocity.

Almost from birth, Kevin shows his mother no love, just pure hate; he doesn't just push her away, but plays with her mind, finding ever new ways to hurt her. The film asks us to face up to two big questions: where does "pure evil" come from, and how should we as parents or as a society respond to it? For me, the term "evil" is not helpful. Instead I suggest we need to talk about the erosion of empathy. Unlike evil, empathy is scientifically tractable. You can measure it, locate it in the brain, and dissect it into its component parts. Empathy comes by degrees, and most of us are in the average range on a scale from zero through to six.

She's had 18 years to work out the answer, so what chance have the rest of us in a mere minutes? Kevin's response isn't much help. That could mean he was out to punish his unfeeling mum, but has come to wonder if he went a bit too far, since he's now prepared to submit to a hug. Or it could mean something else entirely. It wouldn't be the first time that he's strung Eva along. This refusal to assign a clear motive to the instigator of the action is of course carried over from the book on which the film is based.


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