A story about two sisters

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a story about two sisters

The Tale of Two Sisters (Ever After High, #0.7) by Shannon Hale

The story of two sisters, one selfish and beautiful, and one kind and ugly. It seemed rather predictable, but it was enjoyable anyways.


I truly loved what happened when the kind daughter had returned home after the well had made her attractive. Excited, she called to her mother to see what happened to her face. Her mother kissed her, and told her that she always looked the same to her.
Its wonderful! Her mother always saw her as beautiful, and not just because she was her mother. It was very sweet. A good bedtime story for a child, or for yourself.

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‘My Sister and I: A Story of Two Sisters Growing Up on Martha’s Vineyard’

Once upon a time there were two sisters. The senior sister was kind and gentle but ugly and the younger daughter was mean and vain but beautiful. One day Ema was scolding at Proma which made Proma cry and she decided to go to the forest. In the forest it was dark and spooky but Proma was brave. So she kept walking and saw a banana tree that has felt in the ground. It asked Proma to help it to stand. Proma was good.

The Two Sisters is a story about one good and one bad sister and an evil witch. Its lesson: "one good turn deserves another" or "what goes around comes.
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