What is good behavior show about

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what is good behavior show about

Good Behavior by Blake Crouch

After reading Dark Matter and enjoying it so much, I thought I would try this. These are three short stories featuring Letty Dobesh, a thief and addict, with a mesmerising personality. There is a TV series based on Letty with Michelle Dockery in the title role. Crouch provides a commentary of how he got the idea for Letty, how the stories and the odd character were changed and rearranged for the TV series. The Letty stories come with twists and a sting in the tale, this behoves me to not spill the beans on the storylines and spoil it for others.

In The Pain of Others, Letty has been stealing from occupants of hotel rooms when two men, Arnold and Chase return early. Letty hides in a closet and hears plans to murder Daphne, the wife of Chase. Letty is unable to let this go, only to find her actions have unexpected consequences. Sunset Key has Letty being paid to spend the last night of freedom for a Kenneth Lay type of character on his island. The following morning, he will go to prison. Letty finds there is more planned for this evening than she has bargained for. The longest story is Grab, and it showcases Lettys talent as a grifter in a Las Vegas casino heist where nothing is as it appears.

Blake Crouch is certainly a gifted storyteller who spins yarns I want to read. Even with these short stories he succeeds admirably well in keeping the reader hooked with the character of Letty Dubosh. It does not take long to read this book of short stories and I can recommend them. Many thanks to Thomas and Mercer for an ARC.
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Inside Good Behavior: Meet Letty Raines - TNT

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Sign in. Letty and Javier attend the reunion of Javier's immediate family. Letty plays the role of Javier's girlfriend while trying to find out as much as she can about Javier's past and learns Javier's most Letty Michelle Dockery and Javier Juan Diego Botto are looking at a lifetime in prison, but a confluence of bizarre circumstances just might provide them a window of opportunity to con their way Letty Michelle Dockery makes a devastating choice and once again has to clean up her own mess. But this time it's to save Javier Juan Diego Botto. Breakout star Erin Moriarty of " The Boys " explains how her newfound popularity is fueling Season 2 of the hit series.

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By Nellie Andreeva. - Good Behavior is an American drama television series based on the novella series by Blake Crouch. TNT picked up the pilot to a episode series in December

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