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stephen king movie about a writer
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Published 26.12.2018

Author Stephen King on new movie and his dark reputation

Misery is a American psychological horror film directed by Rob Reiner based on Stephen King's . I fell asleep on the plane and had a dream about a popular writer (it may or may not have been me, but it sure to God wasn't James Caan).
Stephen King

12 Best Stephen King Movies

Stephen King , the master of horror and one of America's most important writers, has enjoyed a very successful career, thanks to his prolific pen and the many adaptations his tales have inspired, whether it be in the movies or on TV. While for many fans, King means creepy novels like IT or 'Salem's Lot and sprawling epics like The Dark Tower series and The Stand , others have flocked around the stuff based on his work. And for good reason: has any other modern writer inspired as many cinematic classics? King might even be the best-adapted writer in literary history. At least it's easy for a nerd to think so. I had a tough time coming up with this list and ranking the films accordingly for a simple reason: fans of Stephen King films all come looking for different things.

And like any genre, there is the good, the bad, and the ugly. Please keep this in mind when you get to No.
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