Interesting facts about sacagawea for kids

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interesting facts about sacagawea for kids

Who Was Sacagawea? by Judith Bloom Fradin

Sacagawea was only sixteen when she made one of the most remarkable journeys in American history, traveling 4500 miles by foot, canoe, and horse-all while carrying a baby on her back! Without her, the Lewis and Clark expedition might have failed. Through this engaging book, kids will understand the reasons that today, 200 years later, she is still remembered and immortalized on a golden dollar coin.
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Sacagawea facts for kids

Sacajawea is one of the most famous native Americans! She helped Lewis and Clark on their expedition. She acted as a guide, interpreter and also helped Lewis and Clark be able to barter, trade and find safe passage on their expedition. There is some conflict among historians as to how important her role was in the expedition but most experts agree that she did play a rather large role in the expeditions success. Sacajawea was actually married to a French-Canadian fur trapper Toussaint Charbonneau.

Sacagawea was a Shoshone Indian who was employed, with her husband, as an interpreter by Lewis and Clark. She later appeared on a dollar coin issued by the US Mint. This page details facts about Sacagawea's life and the events that shaped her history. On 4th November Sacagawea became a member of the Lewis and Clark Expedition when she was hired, with her husband, as an interpreter. She was around 15 years old and 6 months pregnant at the time. On 11th February she gave birth to a son who was named Jean Baptiste.

She was also skilled at finding edible plants. It is believed that she was born in in Lemhi County, Idaho. She was the daughter of a Shoshone Chief. She was captured by Hidatsa Indian, an enemy tribe when she was just 12 years old. Then she was sold to a French-Canadian trapper, Toussaint Charbonneau who eventually married her.

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Sacagawea, the daughter of a Shoshone chief, was born circa in Lemhi County, Idaho. At around age 12, she was captured by an enemy tribe and sold to a French-Canadian trapper who made her his wife. In November , she was invited to join the Lewis and Clark expedition as a Shoshone interpreter. After leaving the expedition, she died at Fort Manuel in what is now Kenel, South Dakota, circa Born circa some sources say and in Lemhi County, Idaho. The daughter of a Shoshone chief, Sacagawea was a Shoshone interpreter best known for serving as a member of the Lewis and Clark expedition into the American West—and for being the only woman on the famous excursion. Much of Sacagawea's life is a mystery.

When Sacagawea was about ten years old, she was kidnapped by Hidatsa Indians and taken to what is now North Dakota. She was then sold as a slave to Toussaint Charbonneau, a French-Canadian fur trader. She later became his wife. In , Lewis and Clark persuaded Charbonneau to join them on their expedition as an interpreter. It was understood that Sacagawea would join the party as well. They wanted her on the journey because traveling with a woman would indicate to Native American tribes that they came in peace. Shortly before the journey set out, Sacagawea gave birth to her son, Jean Baptiste Charbonneau.

Email: info americanhistoryforkids. The Lewis and Clark Expedition took more than two years. The group experienced hunger, illness, injury, mosquito swarms, extreme heat, and threat of Indian attack along the way. Sacagawea, the only woman on the trip, went through all these challenges with her small son. She is a true American hero. Visit PBS to learn more about Sacagawea.


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