Poems about running away with your love

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poems about running away with your love

Runaway Quotes (30 quotes)

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He said he loved her, but she doubted that was true, He said he'd always be there, but he wasn't when she was blue, Well, she told him, she felt something for him, and he ran away again, little Danny can't face love, cause he's scared of being a man. Running away from love, day after day, Running away from love, in every way, He runs, til his feet hurt so bad, Oh, little Danny, he can't stand, He runs away, everytime a girl says 'I love you' In runs away from love, and girl, that's the truth, He runs away, in circles and in squares, anytime a girl who loves him is near, Oh, he runs from love, just like a man runs from a bear.

(c) 35 (Life/Philosophy) Running Away? - Poem by Renu Rakheja a.k.a Tranquil Ocean

My soul wants to fly away Riding on a brilliant ray To a land of oblivion Where Im known by no one Just live my life in peace No one to hurt no one to please Away from the complexities That this life brings to its crease But then I think why run away The road does get rough in its way But it also streteches out in a straight road It may be long but you do reach your abode As long as you dont hurt anyone knowingly Absorb the ride, its highs and lows in totality Pain is a part of the road and will make you realize Feel it, endure it and it will help you rise. Report Reply. Poem by Renu Rakheja a. Share this poem:. Renu Rakheja a. Poems by Renu Rakheja a.

Run Away With Me | poem, love, heartbreak, quote. See more. Your Heart Is The Sea, a Book by Nikita Gill | Shop Catalog Self Love. Shop Catalog.
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I know in the past, just like me, you ran away from love—from something that could have been great. Fate plays with our hearts and minds in ways we may not fully understand until that person finally arrives in our life. Suddenly everything that led us here, after all of those confusing years of heartbreak and loneliness finally makes sense. Infinite love has been shaping our destinies for eons—stardust bodies originating from a brilliant cascade of shimmering light, harmonics and energy erupting from the epicenter of an exquisite Supernova. This canvas will remain unfinished so long as our spirits linger between shape and fantasy—a brush loaded with crimson oil paint suspended in space and time between thought, inspiration and act. Please show me your imperfections and encourage me to show you mine.


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