Poems about commitment to god

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poems about commitment to god

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Published 26.12.2018

"Speak, Lord" - Spoken Word by Hosanna Poetry

Christian poetry on Commitment by Roger W Hancock, the PoetPatriot. Commitment comes from knowing Him. God is still there, but where's the church?.

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From earth's furthest corner To the closest leaves Love glues the gap between Two hearts upon a branch In earth's garden of roses The sweetest scent lies Upon the heart of the Flower in my arms Darkness kisses our land The sun opens her eyes Chapters begin to unfold And still the softest words From my heart can not Express how much I love her Desires hot as the sun Has connected two Into a circle rich in love Honesty is shared Hearts can't be separated From a beautiful bond! All Rights Eyan Desir Nivedita UK Report Reply. Report Reply. Share this page:.

Posts about Commitment written by Deborah Ann. Nearness to God used with permission IBible Verses. Every disappointment, is an appointment with God.
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God Bless You!

Called by God, into righteous living all because of grace not of our own doing. Called to be saints, without blame in love and truth without shame. Called by God, into a life holy called to give up our ungodly folly! Wholly, holy living, righteous and true is what Jesus calls. Wholly submitted, not just in part Jesus wants the all.

Every disappointment, is an appointment with God every soul that is disheartened will be comforted by His rod. Every heartbreak, is a chance to find His love every tragedy that befalls us is a date with God above. Every hardship, is an agonizing upward hill every trial that comes our way is an encounter to know His will. Every uncertainty, is a meeting up with fear every little doubt we have is an engagement to draw Him near. Every temptation, is a rendezvous with sin every occurrence we resist is a commitment to be close to Him. Every disagreement, is a run-in with discord every ordeal we go through is an assignment to trust the Lord. Every day is an appointment, that with God we need to make every day is an engagement that with God we need to take!


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    Christian poem '"COMMITMENT"' by Michelle Mickey L. To do what God has called? Am I willing to run the Why is Commitment such a hard thing to give?.

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