What is the scholarship jacket about

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what is the scholarship jacket about

The Scholarship Jacket by Marta Salinas

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Published 26.12.2018

The Scholarship Jacket

The Scholarship Jacket

To overcome obstacles, Martha and Waverly have to define their sense of self and have to commit to their talent even if it means hurting others. In the scholarship jacket, Martha is a very bright child. She was a straight A student and was…. Ray Mr. Rogers, and the Kingston Trio were some of the people who would come perform. The Yellow Jackets had a great record those seasons and were a bowl team every year.

The small Texas school that I went to had a tradition carried out every year during the eighth-grade graduation: a beautiful gold and green jacket the school colors was awarded to the class valedictorian, the student who had maintained the highest grades for eight years. The scholarship jacket had a big gold S on the left front side and your name written in gold letters on the pocket.
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Post a Comment. Wednesday, October 29, The Scholarship Jacket. Every year in Texas, a scholarship jacket was presented to the class valedictorian. This scholarship jacket was about the only object in Martha's mind. She was a skinny girl, and not very pretty either. However, she was incredibly smart and had maintained an A plus average in her eight years of school.

The story is based in a small town in the American state of Texas. The protagonist is a year-old girl named Marta. She is a spirited young woman and a brilliant student. She has been a class topper all her life. Her only goal is to attain the scholarship jacket that the school awards to the best performing student for 8 years of consecutive brilliance.

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