Talk about other people talk about ideas

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talk about other people talk about ideas

Quote by Socrates: “Strong minds discuss ideas, average minds discu...”

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Published 26.12.2018

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How To Brainstorm Talk Ideas. My Favourite Non-fiction Books of

There are Better Things to Talk About Than Other People (and How to Gossip Less)

You might be the greatest professional your industry is yet to discover. And you might even excel at talking about your business and selling your skills as you network. It may sound like, well, a little thing. How pleasant you are to have around. Your attitude to life and to other people. Unfortunately, you may have the rosiest of outlooks on life, you may be the most peopliest person of them all. But if you tend toward the introverted end of the sociability scale, conveying your good nature to a panel of strangers can be like forcing a square peg into a round hole.

Halfway through a planning meeting I offhandedly commented that some people talk to think, while others think to talk. The group stopped its discussion and asked me to say more. Just as some people move faster or slower, some react quicker while others speak up more slowly. It had never dawned on most of the leaders in the room that their boss was frequently thinking out loud, saying things merely to generate ideas or learn from the dialogue. The realization that this might be the case prompted people to be more likely to ask the CEO questions in response to future suggestions or comments, and to learn more about how thoroughly their boss had considered his statement.

More Isn’t Always Better

Boring People Talk about Other People... Interesting People Talk about Ideas

Soon, the whole community had heard the rumor. Later, the person who spread the gossip learned that the rumor was untrue. He was very sorry and went to an elder in the community who had a reputation for great wisdom to seek advice. Rip it open and scatter the feathers, then return to me tomorrow. Quickly defined, gossip is talk of a personal, sensational, or intimate nature. Unfortunately, gossip feels good and the short-term rewards often distract us from the fact that we know better.


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