What do my lips say about me

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what do my lips say about me

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Published 26.12.2018

Your Lips Says About You - What The Shape Of Your Lips Says About You -

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A survey of more than 1, people from 35 different countries revealed that the key to the ultimate lip shape actually boils down to symmetry. In the study, which was published in the Journal of Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgery , more than 60 per cent of respondents chose the ratio between the upper and lower lip as the most attractive shape. However, lead researcher Dr Paul Heidekrueger added that like with all aesthetic trends, these findings are subject to change. In fact, according to research conducted by leading Harley Street facial cosmetic surgeon Dr Julian De Silva , the ultimate pout belongs to none other than Taylor Swift. According to De Silva, lips start to naturally reduce in size from the age of 28 onwards, as this is when collagen and hyaluronic acid production slows - the latter is the most commonly-used product in lip injection treatments. Prospective patients should always seek advice from a medical professional before embarking upon surgical treatment. You can find our Community Guidelines in full here.

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Your lip print is more useful than leaving behind a sexy stain on your Starbucks cup or leaving a this-is-so-embarrassing mark on your nephew's cute chubby cheeks. In fact, they actually reveal a ton about your personality. - Lipsology, is the science of lip analysis. According to the ancient Chinese skill of face-reading, your lip features link to your identity.

Can your pout tell you about your personality? Jilly is the founder of Lipsology , the art of reading and interpreting lip prints. People with this lip print are authorities in their field—when they speak, people listen. But Jilly says that this natural authority hides a hidden soft side. Learning how to ask for help from others, or just knowing when to let things go, is very helpful. Triangle-shaped lip prints indicate that from a solid base, these people point others in the right direction.

Face scientists worldwide consider the lips to be one of the leading features determining personality. When we feel happy, angry, or sad, the first physical indication is the mouth, as we express our thoughts both verbally and through the expressions we make. Lip reading fixates on the shape, size, plumpness, and the definition of the cupid's bow—that little dip above the middle of your top lip—to uncover underlying personality implications. Here are some common lip shapes and the traits they may suggest. Evenly and naturally plump on both top and bottom, this lip shape indicates that you are an empathetic individual with strong parenting instincts. People with this lip shape—think Angelina Jolie—harbor an innate desire to safeguard and protect others; their caring, selfless nature means that they deeply care about others and find great pleasure in doing so.


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    Scientists Reveal What the Shape of Your Lips Says About You. 0 If your lips are like this, then you may have spent a lot of time when you were a child feeding stray kittens or helping at animal shelters .. Or as a website user hamiltonellis.com

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    According to physiognomists or the face scientists who are experts at reading facial cues, the shape of your lips can also convey your distinct characteristics.

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    What Does Your Sense of Style Say About Your Personality?

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    Howstuffworks: What Do Your Lips Say About Your Kissing Style?

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