A poem about suicidal thoughts

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a poem about suicidal thoughts

Suicide Quotes (1566 quotes)

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Published 26.12.2018

Hi, I’m Suicidal - Slam Poem

Call A Suicide Hotline

Next Poem. Wow, wow, wow!!! This poem really hit me. I have been down this road before and I did it all alone. This poem showed me that I am not alone.

Prev Poem. Next Poem. I used to have a friend. One day he told me I choose to be like this. Choose to be depressed?

Poems about suicide. You can read the best suicide poems. Browse through all suicide poems.

It was just a bomb that took four arms and six legs From nine perfectly healthy individuals It was just a bomb that took sixteen lives And left seventy two people seriously wounded It was just a bomb that stole the parents And grandparents and uncles and aunts Not to mention the children…. Report Reply. But now they get 72 Rosie O'Donnells in paradise! Lucky them! The word 'just' A stunner Ted.

Reason to Continue on My Journey Do you want to hear of my journey? I fear even speaking it. It has shown me, that in times of various, I have been all of the following: The victim - how the fear still resides within me. The survivor - but is it all that great? With all the PTSD that plays in my head, again and again. The one to inflict the pain - but these days were early days, before my diagnosis.


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